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Why Custom Sunglasses make Great Christmas party favors

Party favors like sunglasses  are a great way to kick start the party mood and keep up the holiday spirit!

It is also the time of the year when families, friends and businesses make special memories with some best Christmas party favors that are simply straight from the heart. If you are done with the Christmas staples of ornaments, snowflakes and chocolates, it is time for you to take a look at some of the best custom sunglasses that we have in stock at sunglassville. Plus, these Christmas favors make perfect stocking stuffers too!


There’s no place like Sunglassville for the holidays! Be it a holiday party for your family, friends, or employees, you can make the Christmas party the best yet! You can even choose promotional sunglasses in your party theme. We love everything personalized just as much as you do. After all, it is these little details that leave a lasting impression in the minds of your recipients!

So, why not take a whirl wind tour through our collection of custom sunglasses that would literally leave you spoiled for choices?

Celebrate Color and glamour

Neon sunglasses: Say it with colors and spread the cheer with these brightly colored neon sunglasses. Be it for the Christmas themed dinner party, carol night or the dance floor, these logo items would never fail to grab the eyes of the recipients. Imprint your name and Christmas wishes on these to turn these into personalized gifts that nobody can resist.

Glow in the Dark Sunglasses is another top selling Christmas party favor. Kids and kids at heart will surely like to grab the limelight in these sunglasses that glow! The best part is that your recipients would retain these sunglasses for a very long time as party favors and lasting reminders of a great Christmas party.

Customized Glow in the Dark Sunglasses -Green Clear Lenses

Get the party started!

Party sunglasses: No party can be complete without sunglasses and when it is something as unique as Christmas parties, you need it in loads! Imprint your message and brand on these and see how these logo items will change the party mood on its head!

Customized Blue Checkered Glasses

Fun sunglasses : When fun is the name of the game, can there be a better way to surprise the Santa and spread the Christmas cheer than these custom fun sunglasses? Imprint your message and artwork on these and see how these custom items will drive up the Christmas party celebrations.

Customized Sunglasses Classic- Green

Classic choices

Retro sunglasses : Bring back an old world charm to your Christmas party celebrations with these retro sunglasses. Great for themed dinner events or corporate dinner parties during Christmas, these old fashioned sunglasses will never fail to leave your guests besotted.

Custom Printed Cannes Sunglass

Novelty sunglasses Unusual shapes, colors and patterns have all impressed people for a very long time and these custom sunglasses will make a perfect Christmas party favors or stocking stuffer. People would simply love it! Know what? You can even use these as tree decorative items.

Promotional Patriotic Peace Sunglasses

The best part is that these custom sunglasses make not just delightful Christmas party favors, but style props and eyewear accessories, which your users retain for a very long time. Browse our collection of custom sunglasses and choose an item that matches your style. Which model are you planning to use as your Christmas party favors? Share your thoughts