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PMS Color 2014 for Your Sunglasses

PMS is an abbreviation for Pantone Matching System and it refers to color identification and mixing of colors according to personal and business preferences. In PMS color matching – maximum color consistency is achieved between ideal color tone and final output in print over paper or other materials.

PMS color matching on sunglasses refers to the choice of print colors on frames through pantone color matching. By referring to Pantone color chart marketers can imply their suppliers to use particular ink color over their prints. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) process is used for standardizing colors in pantone chart and it is mostly used for printing over sunglasses, too. There are 1, 114 spot colors to choose from, however most of them cannot be simulated with CMYK, but with 15 base color pigments in specified amounts.

Fluorescent and metallic shades are created with special permission from Pantone.

PMS Color of the Year for Spring 2014
Pantone has announced “dazzling blue” as color of the year for spring 2014 collection. These color choices have already started making rounds in the fashion circuit. It can be followed on custom sunglasses, too. The color preferences to as below –

  1. Dazzling Blue – Closely mimicking navy blue, this color tone is described with identification code PMS – 18-3949. This color is described as motivator from the sales point of view and it is largely employed by different corporate for brand building. You can always try to steal attention by imprinting your business messages in dazzling blue over sunglass frames or lenses.

The next 9 colors are –

  1. Violet Tulip – Identified as PMS – 16-3823, this color makes you feel nostalgic and romantic as those feasting lavenders in spring. The violet tulip PMS match for your wedding sunglasses can easily make you popular with the masses and your friends.
  2. Radiant Orchid – A color tone hugely influenced with likes of Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton, this color is identified as PMS 18-3224. All those fashion hungry individuals and businesses, which wish to hand out logo imprinted sunglasses during promotional events in 2014, can resort to this color choice for making their brand stand out.
  3. Celosia Orange – A typical shade of orange characterized with code – 17-1360 is becoming popular with shoppers and fashionistas.
  4. Freesia – An already popular shade of yellow characterized with code – 14-0852 and it is largely used for printing over different materials.
  5. Cayenne – A high- energy and high-pitch color used over accessories and printing over materials. Characterized by color code 18-1651, this color is going to going to roost in 2014.
  6. Placid Blue – This is strictly opposite Dazzling Blue and it is calming. PMS Code – 15-3920.
  7. Paloma – This quintessential neutral essays confidence and reassurance. This is beautiful shade of gray and it is characterized by 16-000.
  8. Sand – An effect of beige with burnished effect; it exudes certain warmth and is characterized by PMS code – 15-1225. Looks great over party sunglasses.
  9. Hemlock – This is unexpected shade of green and it is characterized by PMS code 15-6114.

Which one do you prefer?