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Tips for Men and Women to Choose Their Right Navigator Sunglasses

In summers, you might see people struggling to cover their eyes with those extra large shades, which almost covers their face, too. Most of you might have heard about custom sunglasses like Navigator Sunglasses in this pretext. Orginally known as pilot glasses, they were originally used by air force people, navigators and sailors to protect their eyes durign outdoor spells. They are designed to offer maximum protection from the atmospheric elements.navigator-sgv

Today, navigators symbolize fashion along with eye protection and they are no more a man’s object of desire. There are designs, which are made by keeping all those hard hitting pretty women in mind. This blog is dedicated to all those who are struggling hard to make the right choice.

For Him –
  • Check the weather – This may sound as a big statement because weather keeps changing every now and then, then how should one zero in on the right choice. The answer is check if the choice you are about to make is good enough to protect your eyes from harsh sunlight, winds or dry winds. If you are hiker or a biker, then it is always preferrable to go with the navigators manufactured with high quality materials. If you are shuttling between home and office, then less epxensive ones will do the trick.
  • Hit on Style –  Some men may find mirrored shades little gaudy, darker shades look good if you are hitting a beach or going for sidewalks. Anyways the choice is entirely yours.
  • Cost factor – After anaylizing weather factors and style factor, you need to consider the price. You should always try to close the deal,w hich offers you high quality glasses at reasonable prices. Avoid going to extremely cheaper variants  or extremely cheapers inspired – by designs because they can easily fall off your face causing you embarrasment and waste of money.
For Her –
  • Check If They are Lighter– Women are  pretty , so are navigators designed for them! You can check if the frames are lighter because they are ought to be one. They are generally made up of oval type lenses and plastic frames. Brown, blue and grey colors work good for them.
  • Optimum Protection – Navigators for women offer UV400 protection , which means your petite eyes are protected from 91% UVA & UVB rays. Don’t forget to check upon this feature, while choosing the navigator.
  • Go for Big Frames – It is always advisable for women to check for frames, which fully cover their eyes, and parts of their cheek, too. It helps them to distract unwanted attention and to save their face from atmospheric atrocities.

Remember smart choice of navigator sunglasses will really make you noticed in the crowd.