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Promotional Sunglasses For  Fitness Center Advertising- Happy Customer Stories

New Year is a peak time for fitness centers to get their promotions into top gear because staying fit is one of the most popular New Year resolutions for most people. Interesting gifts like sunglasses will go a long way in increasing the registrations for fitness centers.

Malibu Glasses

Your custom sunglasses make your recipients look good while inspiring them to stay in shape. Offered in a wide range of shapes and colors, sunglasses offer a lot of options for the marketers. These popular gifts will help you strike a fine balance between your theme and budget.

This edition of happy customer stories features our customer John Clark, who has a fitness center in Bakersfield CA. He likes being fit and to help others get into their best frame. Originally a computer professional, he decided to start something of his own when the sedentary life style made him sluggish and obese.
Clear Malibu Glasses with 6 Colors

John left his job and started a gym in a small scale. However, the personalized attention, easy accessibility  and the large open layout of the gym began to attract a lot of fitness enthusiasts in a very short time. His clientele included not just the busy executives but women, grand dads and  everyone in between.

He wanted popular custom gifts to push his business into profit while staying within his modest budget.   He opted for UV resistant clear lens Malibu sunglasses with a tagline” see your fitness goals clearly”.  On the other side of the eyeglasses arm, the name and address of his gym was imprinted. He ordered an assortment of all of our available frame colors to pique interest among his recipients.

Needless to say it was an instant hit among his customers. As part of the New Year offer he had announced a discount deal for new members and these sunglasses were handed out as part of their welcome kit. These stylish sunglasses have become a local trademark of his business. The big plus is that these sunglasses made the members team proud as well. They even wear these sunglasses for a group photo op or shout out the tagline to motivate the new members.

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