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Promotional Sunglasses For New Year Regatta

Save the date for some of the most exiting Regatta and sailing races in the country on New Year. If you are hosting or sponsoring any of these events, sunglasses will make a great gift choice. You can handout sunglasses to the massive crowd of spectators, the helpful volunteers or even the team members to get your message out.

Malibu Sunglasses

Sunglasses can even be sold at the souvenir stand. The spectators will be excited to take home a reminder of the sailing day frenzy in the form of these sunglasses. New Year Regatta held in various cities across the country has increased in popularity each year. Personalized sunglasses created exclusively for these epic sailing events will make excellent handouts to celebrate the thrill of this event and spread awareness.

UV resistant sunglasses like Malibu sunglasses will make an obvious choice.  Offered in a wide range of colors, these sunglasses will protect the eyes of the sailing team and the spectators from UV rays. Your brand and message imprinted on these stylish sunglasses will get a lot of eyeballs.
Malibu Sunglasses with 21 Colors

Polarized sunglasses is another good choice to consider. These will filter out glare from the surface of the water and enhance the style quotient on the big day.

Wraparound style sunglasses   not just protect the eyes against glare from the sides and from below but also from wind and salt spray. Floating Malibu sunglasses is a perfect choice especially for aggressive small-boat sailors who often end up in the water.

Floating Malibu Sunglasses

Eye protection is a must for sailors because UV risks and glare from water and polished white fiberglass hulls put a serious strain on the eyes. Choose from a wide range of colors, shapes and lens tints to match your team color, dressing style and personality.  Choose impact resistant poly-carbonate polarized lenses to ensure clear visibility and depth perception.

Outrider Polarized Panama Sunglasses

Here are some of the models that can be considered

Imprinted Bolle Molly Sunglasses: Stunning Black frame with TNS polarized lens is the main feature of these UV protected sunglasses. It will make a great choice to anyone who is spending a lot of time outdoors. Your message will stand out on the 3/4″ W x 1/8″ H imprint area of these sunglasses.
Bolle Molly Sunglasses

Island Wrap custom Sunglasses will look good on everyone. These attractive sunglasses have 100% UV protected lenses that make it ideal for sailors

Island Wrap custom Sunglasses

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