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Promotional Sunglasses – For Tattoo Parlor Businesses

Tattooing is a rage among every genre of people. Apart from being on top of the fashion trend, people do tattoo to highlight their hobbies or social causes that they support.  As in 2019, $2bn$ in revenue was made by 47,832 tattoo businesses in the country.

Oahu Sunglass

There are many factors that will make tattoo businesses stand out. It is one of those very personal businesses where customers choose a parlor based mainly on the personal relationships with the tattoo artist.  Apart from the skill and creativity of the artist, customers value and personal rapport and the comfort factor while getting the inking services.

Printed Accent Wrap SunglassesIn many cities, there is a tattoo shop on every block. To beat such a high competition, tattoo parlors need to come up with innovative handouts to build recognition and a loyal client base. Sunglasses make a unique marketing gift that will bring paying customers to your counter. Sunglasses are available in a wide range of trends and colors; the casual vibes of these logo items will match the business line as well.

Sunglasses as freebies

Oahu SunglassesSunglasses imprinted with your brand and message can be handed out not just to your customers but in music events, youth programs and community events frequented by mostly youth. You will find many tattoo aficionados in your local music scene. Hand out these imprinted sunglasses to generate publicity and enhance brand popularity or announce about the new bright ink colors and the daring patterns on trend.

Sunglasses as fund raising items

Sunglasses can be used as fund raising items during cancer awareness events, UV safety events, music shows, game days or infact any such public events where you expect a large audience. People will be excited to be part of the social cause by buying these causal sunglasses that will put your message right into their hands. It will make sure that your shop’s name will come to mind the next time the audience members are thinking about ink.

Sponsor gifts

If you are planning to sponsor any events, marathons or games, you can handout logo sunglasses as your handouts to the audience to brand the event the best possible way.

Ocean Gradient Navigator Sunglasses

As milestone giveaways

Imprinted sunglasses will make perfect gifts for anniversaries and special events like New Year or Halloween. You can even handout a few of these accessories for those customers who walk in on Friday the 13th to pack up an eerie charm to your promotions.  Get the word out and prospects will be curious to know more about these offers. Choose from a wide range of popular models like wrap around sunglasses, UV resistant Oahu sunglasses or Navigator sunglasses among others.

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