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Promotional Sunglasses- Year Round Branding Bonanza

In the promotional world, handouts like sunglasses that are cost effective and practical hold the greatest potential return on marketing investment.  While there are thousands of different custom products, printed sunglasses enjoy an incredible appeal across all age groups and will ensure the best value for the promotional dollars.


What makes custom sunglasses special?

It’s not just the simple utility of sunglasses which make them such a widely popular line of merchandise. Apart from practical advantages that sunglasses offer, these logo items are fashionable accessories that come in different styles and models. Whether you opt for budget friendly plastic sunglasses for mass events and game days, through to high level classic models like navigator sunglasses which protects the eyes from UV radiation there is a model which will suit every use and budget.

Navigator Sunglasses with 2 Colors

One of the great opportunities which custom sunglasses offer is the fact that these have year round relevance. People need sunglasses for various occasions and outdoor events. For instance, a UV resistant pair of sunglasses like Malibu sunglasses will make a great choice for beach holidays whereas tight wrap sports sunglasses will be a better choice for game days.

Choose an appropriate model depending on the weather, the activities your recipients indulge in and the location to ensure the best branding opportunity for the marketers while providing the recipients a year round companion.

Printed Island Wrap

Add your logo and message  to turn these accessories into a custom product likely to return many times its original cost in terms of product awareness and the emotional attachment that your recipients develop with your brand. Every time they walk around the streets wearing these fashionable sunglasses, they will be putting your brand and message on a display, thereby making the best brand advocates. It is this personal endorsement of your recipients that will influence others. It is something that conventional publicity items like media advertising cannot do!

Rimless Sunglasses

If you are looking for a class of products which will maximize your return on promotional investment, look no further than custom sunglasses. These make excellent stand-alone gifts that will continue to make consistent brand impressions for a long time to come. Your recipients will not just be excited at your handout but will have a highly useful accessory for future , which will further enhance the value of these handouts. Choose from a wide range of color choices and make the best use of the imprint space to place your logo and message to suit your marketing needs.

Malibu Sunglasses w/ 21 Colors

Are you planning to use imprinted sunglasses as your promotional swag? Browse our collection and choose an appropriate model that will please your prospects. For assistance, reach out to our friendly team.