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Ten Things You Would Love About Slotted Sunglasses

Popularly known as shutter shades, these eyeglasses are in vogue, since 2007.

Slotted Sunglasses

There are lots that you may love to hear about them, but here at ten things that may interest you-

  1. Features horizontal“shutter motifs” instead of lens and is not developed to act as a custom sunglass. Although some models may possess UV resistant lens, which makes them a perfect choice for outdoor indulgence, too.
  2. It is speculated to be derived from Eskimo sunglasses, which were used by whale hunters.
  3. Are inspired from popular louvered sunglasses of 1950’s, which were known as Venetian Blinders. A popular design of Venetian blinders has featured in “Glittering Prize” video by the iconic pop group Simple Minds. Venetian blinders were popularized by famous WWF wrestler “Macho Man” Randy Savage during his career.
  4. Slotted sunglasses reminisce of fashionable “80’s”, when it was largely labeled as fashion fad. It became a great fashion trend, when Kanye West rocked wearing a white slotted sunglass in his music video “Stronger”. It is also nicknamed as “Kanye West glasses” by some fashionistas.  Ashlee Simpson, Beyonce, Paris Hilton and Dooniebaby from The Federation (a popular hip hop group) are the popular names, who were seen wearing it during fashion parties, live performances, recordings, etc.
  5. Perfect for 80’s themed retro parties, outdoor school events, 80’s semi-formal dance themes, Prom favors, and Senior Party. Makes a great choice as school fundraiser or during joyous fests organized indoors.
  6. Became extremely popular during 2010 FIFA World Cup, when many fans were seen wearing them with the images of their respective flags imprinted on them.
  7. Glow in dark, half vertical, half horizontal, LED slotted glasses , half horizontal and half vertical shades, horizontal shutters on top and bottom, shades of fluorescent and neon hues are some of the popular styles. Although offered in many exciting colors, shutter shades in green, yellow, red, blue, black, orange, hot pink, glow in the dark, and USA pattern are most popular with masses. You can buy them in tri color, rainbow colors, dual shades, and 3D varities, too.
  8. Glow in the dark slotted glasses sunglasses are popular with party goers in big cities and make a good party wear throughout the year.
  9. Is offered in most large and small party stores around US and can be purchased online, too.
  10. Prominently featured in a fashion show @ Opera /Crimson by Shutter Shades

Investing in shutter shade is an easy way of becoming a celebrity, are you ready for it?!