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Custom sunglasses for gender reveal party!

Custom Sunglasses for Gender Reveal Party!

Are you prepping up to throw a gender reveal party for your baby-on-the-way? If yes, don’t go with the rustic, old-school pattern like everybody else! Gender revealing parties are one of the hottest trends among those parents-to-be in our society. And everybody likes to add creative elements in to make the party memorable. So start inviting everybody, we are going to get pumped up for a brilliant gender reveal party, with custom sunglasses!

Gender reveal is all about colors right? Where you can roll out something in pink and in blue depending on your baby’s gender! Now here is the fun part. Get pink and blue customized sunglasses from Sunglassville and place it at the entrance of your party. Engrave “it’s a boy” on the blue ones and “it’s a girl” on the pink ones and let your guests choose their gut feeling about the baby! Team your guests in accordance with the color they chose, and let them root for your baby! These sunglasses will make your gender revealing party more fun and lively. Your guests will cheer equally for a boy and a girl and will turn your guessing game into a competitive one. Add more fun elements such as bows and bowties, moustaches and lipsticks or even pirates and mermaids and get your guessing game reach a whole new level! Reveal the gender of your baby with a balloon popping ceremony, or by unboxing a balloon carton, or even with a gender reveal cake! You can either choose custom imprinted sunglasses or printed lens sunglasses to make your party more revealing! Let’s get to know more.


Classic Style Party Sunglasses

Get Single color Classic style party sunglasses and print “It’s a boy” and “It’s a girl” accordingly on the arms. These sunglasses are simple yet stylish for your gender reveal party. We recommend getting Blue and pinking ones in single color frames as it will be perfect for your gender reveal party.



Printed lens Sunglasses

Now if you prefer a modish and sassy party for your guests, catch the vibe with Printed lens sunglasses. Print “Team Boy” and ‘Team Girl” on printed sunglasses and make your gender reveal party lively and dynamic! Choose your preferred color or make it the way exactly it should be, in pink and blue. These frames will flash out, generating a peppy ambience all over.


So what are you waiting for? Get custom sunglasses from Sunglassville right now and make your baby’s gender reveal party a momentous one!