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The Best Events Where Custom Sunglasses Can Be Distributed

Popular handouts like sunglasses will never look out of place in any event. Thus you can literally distribute it wherever you wish to get  your brand spotted and noticed. Offered in a wide range of the most trending models in every price rate, custom sunglasses offer something special for every promotional theme and budget.


Wondering how to distribute custom sunglasses for the best promotional impact? Here are a few tips to get started.

As purchase gifts: Businesses like fashion stores, clubs and retail businesses can handout custom sunglasses to customers with every purchase above a minimum value. It will make a great thank you gift that will inspire them to shop more often and even refer your stores to their friends and family.

Serengeti Isola Sunglasses

As trade show swag: Sunglasses imprinted with logo and message make great handouts at exhibitions and trade shows. It will make a long lasting reminder of your business for a long time even after the event.

Glow in the Dark Imprinted Glasses w/ Clear Lenses

As gift bag items: Planning to set up a gift bag as part of your milestone events or holiday promotions? Sunglasses make a great  gift choice to consider. Interesting models like glow in the dark sunglasses or color changing sunglasses are some of the many items that can be considered.

Game day souvenirs: Printed sunglasses are a huge as game day keepsakes. Choose from a wide range of models, customize it with your logo and message and see how these keepsakes will get your sports audience to thinks and talk about your message for a long time to come even after the sports event.

Turbo Wrap Custom Sunglass

As mailer gifts: if you are planning a mass mailer campaign to reach out to your target audience, not many custom gifts can match the popularity of sunglasses. Light weight and compact, these will fit the mailer envelopes without adding on to the postage expenses very much.

As fund raising items: Available in a range of colors and fashion models in every price rate, custom sunglasses make pedigree fund raising items that never fail! Order in bulk to get the best price benefits, which will let you sell it at a higher price point to raise funds for non profits or the social cause you support!

Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses

As contest prizes: Online fun contests, raffles and more, fun and games will make your business promotions a lot more engaging and subtle. Sunglasses make  great prizes for fun contests and events. The best part is that these accessories get used almost immediately and will take your message to the social media pages of your recipients to ensure a wide angle brand publicity.

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