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Top Tips to use Custom Sunglasses in Summer Fund Raising Events

With summer at our threshold and tons of outdoor activities, carnivals and festivals on cards, it is indeed the best time to plan summer fundraisers and  cash in on the excitement that the season brings!

Sunglasses may not ring a bell as a possible fund- raising item for non- profits at least for some people. However, the low cost benefit coupled with an amazing range of choices will make sunglasses hot selling fund raising items for non- profits and community organizations.


Why sunglasses

Custom sunglasses are popular across all age groups and demographics. Nobody can ever have too many sunglasses and everyone will love to have an extra pair in their collection always. These incredibly popular accessories are always useful for fundraising or raising awareness at events.  Sunglasses are budget friendly handouts with a generous imprint area which looks great with your imprint on!

With such a wide inventory and a variety of customization options, you can easily find striking models that will impress the audience and inspire them to part of this social cause.

Fund raising ideas

Here are some fundraising events that will be popular across all age groups. Summer fund raisers will help your nonprofit to turn everyone’s favorite warm-weather activities into an opportunity to give back while you raise funds and  make a difference in your community in a fun way.

Woodtone Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses

Beach Volleyball

Soak up the sun and sand with a spell of beach volleyball fund raiser tournament where the teams can raise funds to participate. Custom sunglasses will make great handouts for players, and memorabilia for organizers and volunteers. You can also sell these imprinted sunglasses at the ticket counter for a price to generate funds for the social cause you support.

Terminator Rubberized Customized Sunglasses

Cook-Off parties

This summer fundraiser idea involves hosting a BBQ dinner. You can sell tickets for meals, and can even set a fee for the participants to compete for the best local BBQ sauce in town. You can even gather the chefs of local restaurants to compete against each other, sell tickets for guests to taste and vote for their favorites.

Black Frame Navigator Sunglasses

 Pool Party

A casual pool party wins hands down as a great summer fundraising idea to gather your supporters. Generate a buzz through online ads and publicity to ensure maximum participation.You can set an entry fee for your guests and plan some fun events like a pool volleyball with a prize offer to the winning team. Floating sunglasses will perfectly fit the theme of the event while the participants have a pair of shades that will stay afloat even if they drop in water!

Floating Malibu Sunglasses

 How do you plan to use custom sunglasses as your fund raising items? Share your best tips with us on our facebook page.