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Tips To Find The Right Style In Custom Sunglasses

Custom sunglasses are born crowd pullers in their own right. However, not all sunglasses may fit your promotional theme. Thus, choosing the right style of custom sunglasses is critical for the success of your marketing campaign.  Here are some smart tips that will help you to find the most appropriate imprinted sunglasses for your promotions


Classic choice

When you have a diverse audience group, classic sunglasses are a safe bet. It will suit the tastes of everyone irrespective of the age or demographics. So, if you expect a speckled audience as in trade shows or store promotions, you can safely invest in custom classic sunglasses.

The simple yet elegant design of these sunglasses will make it a perfect addition to the accessories of your audience. Add your logo or tagline on the arms to make it branded and unique without being overwhelming.

Classic Style Party Sunglasses

Something different

If you are looking for something different, retro sunglasses will make a better choice. Evoke an element of nostalgia and target a wide range of people with retro style frames. It will make a subtle way to get your message across and engage your audience with a story telling style of branding.  Choose from a wide range of colors and models in various price rates.

Retro Sunglasses

Sporty and smart

Sleek and trendy sport sunglasses are better suited for game days, sporting events and other outdoor activities like hiking and biking.  Choose from a wide range of popular models, customize it with your brand and impress your audience. The tight wrap design will protect the eyes of your audience from UV rays, dust and other elements while putting your brand on a wide display. Reports show that high utility handouts like sunglasses make value added gifts that will get a warm welcome and a long retention.

Celebrate the legacy of pilot sunglasses

Navigator sunglasses with metal frames are something that nobody can resist. Choose from a wide range of models like classic metal frames to modern frames that will add a fashion twist to the classic aviator style. You can leave your logo imprints on the corner of lens if the metal frames cannot fit it.

Black Frame Navigator Sunglasses

UV resistant sunglasses

Functional and fashionable in equal measures, custom Malibu sunglasses will ensure 100% UV protection and safety for your audience. Choose from a wide range of fashionable models that will match the diverse fashion traits of your audience.

Malibu Sunglasses with 21 Colors

Polarized sunglasses

These sunglasses will let your audience keep the glare at bay and enhance the color clarity while driving or water sports. Choose from a wide range of frame and lens colors to match your theme and customize it with your message to make it the best handouts on hand.  To elevate your gift, add a soft or hard shell case or car clip to your custom sunglasses.

Serengeti Isola Sunglasses

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