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Unusual Ways to Use Custom Sunglasses in your Branding

Sunglasses win hands down as party favors, holiday gifts and promotional swag alike. No matter how you wish to deploy these crowd pleasers, these accessories will never fail to stir up interest in the minds of your audience. You might have used it as trade show swag and team spirit items or mailer gifts.

Here are some more interesting yet quirky ways to use custom sunglasses in your campaign.


Milestone gifts

Custom sunglasses are perfect gifts for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and other milestone events. You know these wouldn’t be put to waste, because there’s always a use for sunglasses. Stylish and practical, printed sunglasses are hard to resist. Choose from a wide range of models in every price rate to complete your promotional plan with ease.

Color Mirrored Navigator Sunglasses

Employee gifts

Your employees are the first marketing point for your brand, because they represent your business. Promotional sunglasses make great employee gifts that they can use on a daily basis. You can hand these out during corporate team-building events and holidays. Every time they wear these accessories during commuting or elsewhere, chances of others seeing your name are just as great as when you give these out to people  on the sidewalk!

Thus sunglasses as employee gifts have a great potential  to tap a wider audience, because you’ll never know who all will be seeing the message  imprinted on it or where these stylish handouts will end up in a month or two because sunglasses often change hands in any friend’s circle.

Two -Tone Malibu Sunglasses with Black Frame

Bag inserts

Promotional giveaways like sunglasses make great gift bag inserts during company-sponsored events, such as charities, cook out parties, golf days,  sales cruises  and marathons. It is a perfect way to impress both your prospective clients and existing customers and to get your brand into a wider market. The low cost advantage of sunglasses will let you be generous with your swag and  create a loyal audience group for your business.

Panama Sunglasses

Online contest gifts

Why wait for your next in-person event when online contests and events are as effective to give a boost to your business?  Handout custom sunglasses as online contests prizes or advertise free sunglasses for a minimum purchase, filling out a customer feedback form or signing up for your mailing list!

 Appreciation gifts

Appreciation gifts to existing clients are a great way to keep them in fold and remind them about your brand and new offers. Customers can drift away easily because they may be busy or they have  found better deals from other brands—but handouts like sunglasses will  help you reconnect with your inactive clients and foster brand loyalty in their minds. It will be a thoughtful way to remind them you continue to value your relationship with them.

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