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Imprinted Sunglasses Are Not just Summer swag

Custom sunglasses are a must all round the year- not just in summer  considering the persistent UV risks. If you are looking for some clever and interesting ways to incorporate sunglasses in your promotions, here are a few tips that will get you started.

Wire glow glass

College events

College campus is one of the most active hubs on the planet. The vibrant college goers learn, have fun and evolve as better individuals through various inspiring and innovative activities in college campuses. College campuses are  hot spots for various events and fund raisers like  fraternities and sororities throughout the year. Custom sunglasses are a great event giveaway, considering its utility, fashion traits  and low price.  Get these  fashionable frames imprinted with your brand and message to reach the active college campus audience.

Flat Front Navigator Sunglasses

  Sign-Up Freebies

Getting people signed up for any outdoor event is easier said than done. So, handing out custom sunglasses will be a good marketing tactic to get people take some time to get signed up for the events. By doling out popular freebies like sunglasses you will not just attract crowd but will be a good payoff for their time taken for stopping by.

It is a great way to make potential contacts, especially during outdoor events.  Every time they wear these sunglasses they will not just get UV protection but they will also be encouraged to get in touch with your business.

Slotted LED Sunglasses

Trade Shows

Trade shows get huge crowds, and it is the freebies that really get the attention of the attendees. Custom sunglasses make a popular trade show swag because these are budget friendly and easy to distribute.

Plus these sunglasses will continue to be used by people even after the trade show ends putting your brand on grand display. As sunglasses are required to be used outdoors, these popular logo items will extend your brand’s reach.

Oahu Sunglasses

Back to school

Young school children need UV protection the most as their skin and eyes are highly  sensitive and not developed enough to minimize UV damage. So, including kids sunglasses in your back to school promotional list will be a sensible idea. The high utility and the incredible styles and designs of custom sunglasses will make it a favorite of both kids and parents alike! Kids love to brag about these stylish sunglasses to their friends beyond the classrooms , which in turn will enhance the popularity of your brand even further

Tinted Lenses Rubberized Sunglasses

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