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Vintage Sunglasses in 2014

Vintage sunglasses were popular through 2013 and the trends are expected to peak in 2014, too. This category refers to the custom sunglasses, which evolved during 709’s and 80’s.

Vintage Sunglasses in 2014

Following are some the choices, which may interest you in 2014 –

  • oahus – They have opened door for other fashions and are getting popular with each passing day. oahus in their original design and printed lens are already getting popular. Blues Brothers sunglasses are still peaking the popularity charts. Investing in a oahu is a best decision, you are gonna make because the trend is always going to peak in coming years, too.
  • Aviators – Do you remember, when were they actually forgotten? They were never out of fashion and people still swear by them when it comes to choosing the right eyewear for their outfit. Original aviators have started making a comeback and you can still cling on them for that vintage and elegant look.
  • Oversized Sunglasses – Most of the vintage sunglasses were distinguished by their larger frames and big lenses. Women can cling on Jackie-O style glasses and men can go for other big choices such as Bugatti , Cazal and Carrera. There is no limit to imagination, when it comes to these types of sunglasses.
  • Foldable Aviators and oahus – They are very popular through 70’s and are still grabbing interests of people who love to invest in novel sunglasses. The design never goes out of fashion. You can still seek metallic aviators and oahus from any reputed online sunglass store.
  • Round Frames – Round sunglasses with metallic frames or metallic accentuations were always considered classic and they still rein interests with their uniqueness. You can forge that serious look by wearing them to party or a family celebration. Like aviators and oahus this look is also here to stay. You can even seek round lenses in wooden frames, which were associated with environment friendly generation of 70’s.
  • Square Frames – Perfectly squared sunglasses are a rarity nowadays, still you can buy them from any reputed online sunglasses store selling vintage sunglasses. Men who want to work on their macho image can easily work through these sunglasses.
  • Cat Eyes – They were extremely popular with women in 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s and are still going strong. You can go for feline sunglasses with ornate features and bright colors as they appeared in 1970’s.
  • Moritz Sunglasses – Gradient lens supported by large white frames and temple bejeweled hinges were the soul of 70’s generation and they are still popular with the crowd. You can count upon them during a 70’s themed party or on any joyous occasion, where you wish to trigger interests.

We wish you a happy time with these vintage sunglasses and keep coming back to know more about them.