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Why Should Bikers Choose Navigator Sunglasses?

Sunglasses play a large role as a fashion token and an eye protector – irrespective of what and who you are. Bikers are the people who have to struggle hard to set a trend and to protect their eyes from harmful sunrays, rain, dust and flying debris. By analyzing the sunglasses for bikers offered on any online sunglass store or a real day store, you’ll see that most brands that produce them largely rely on navigators.navigator-sunglass

Do you know why? Keep reading to know more –

  • Large Dark Lenses and Frames – Earlier known as a navigators pride, today they have become popular with all adventure seekers, who stay out for long.  During WWII they are largely sought by fighter pilots, who freaked at the thought of entering into enemy’s territory due to atmospheric atrocities. These sunglasses were used as an eye protection and they empowered pilots to perform better.Most navigator designs are highlighted by their large dark lenses with tints and larger frames. These lenses are 3 times larger than regular eye socket and bulge out slightly, which means it can cover most of the face, giving protection from sunlight, debris and UV rays.
  • Thin Metal Frames – Plastic frame sunglasses are not recommended for bikers because they are prone to wear and tear with time. The plastic frames are also notorious for producing allergies, when a person starts sweating profusely. However, now you may think that metal frames will save the day. It is not true, metal frames can change shapes according to the pressure of helmet. However, thin metal frame becomes a very crispy choice, when both plastic and metal options are considered. It falls lightly around ears, holds the lenses in place and also remains intact even under pressure from helmet. They are designed to suit any type of helmet.
  • UV Protection – Bikers are always advised to go for sunglasses, which provide higher UV protection 150%-300%. Black navigator sunglasses are the only thing, which are known to offer maximum UV protection. Navigator sunglasses offer anti-glare protection, thereby offering a visual acuity to the bikers, who are known to struggle in areas, which receive high sunshine, dust, fog and smoke.
  • Oval Lenses – Navigators are known for their oval lenses, which tend to protect eyes from dust. Hence, it is preferred the most by biking fraternity.

You can choose your motorcycle navigators offered by budget friendly online sunglasses stores. Get ready to improve your performance by wearing navigators.