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Wedding sunglasses for your Island Wedding

Wedding sunglasses for your Island Wedding!

No big walls, no more halls and not even roofs! Island wedding is a dream comes true. Enveloped in a serene location and engulfed by the sea everywhere, island weddings are favorite for every bride out there. Be it Bahamas, Cabanas or Madagascar, island weddings are just phenomenal! You get a whole island yourself experiencing the dazzling rays of the sun and cool breeze from the ocean together. What else you actually need to say “I do”?

Choosing a tropical paradise to wed is a tedious task. And making it unique is way more tedious and tiresome. Pick your perfect destination now, because we got you some extras to make your wedding a grand function. Customized sunglasses! And for each destination, we have the very best! Check it out!

Beaches of Bahamas


Breathtaking beachside of the Bahamas sets a perfect destination for your dream wedding. The temperature in the Bahamas is always moderate, somewhat between 70⁰F to 85⁰F. So for such weather, the best sunglasses you can get is the imprinted Kapalua Sunglasses! These lenses are capable of delivering 100 percent UVA and UVB protection to the eyes, thus making it a cool experience for everyone to be in the sun during activities or events.

Customized for Cabanas


If you are looking for a private island with luxury features, you should choose Island Cabanas! Overwater bungalows in 10⁰F is not a small deal! Nature’s finest air conditioning makes this place the best for weddings. Choose two-toned Malibu sunglasses for such kind of chilling beach weddings. These sunglasses are perfect for all kinds of events as it can even withstand harsh sunlight and bad weather.

Marry in Madagascar


Madagascar is known for its natural appeal, wildlife and culture. And the offshores are way too beautiful.  Since it is a subtropical island, temperature varies to a really good extend throughout the year. Undoubtedly it’s one of the world’s most fascinating destinations for weddings and thus, you should definitely get your pair of Classic sunglasses. Get classic style party sunglasses black with black for your coastal wedding in Madagascar.

Get customized wedding sunglasses for your heaven made wedding now! For your tropical wedding, shades can never go out of fashion. In fact, these shades will protect your eyes from harmful sun rays. Get your personalized wedding sunglasses now and make it yours. Print the names of the bride and groom on to these sunglasses and gift it as a souvenir to your guests. You can handover these sunglasses to your guests whenever they enter into your special island! Or you can even send these personalized sunglasses along with the wedding invitation letters. Get ready to witness the best wedding ever. The bride will definitely look beautiful walking down the aisle on the island with these sunglasses. And the groom can receive her in his dashing shades. Wear these shades all day and make your wedding party an unforgettable one for your guests.