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Wedding Sunglasses – How cool are these?

Weddings have evolved to be star studded and red carpet events these days. With couples splurging on the best wedding day outfits and accessories, wedding day has become a great time to flaunt the fashion sense for everyone as well. Interestingly, while most wedding day items and apparels end up in the wardrobe after the event, sunglasses continue to get used in their daily activities

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 Sunglasses make perfect functional accessories during outdoor weddings, destination weddings and themed weddings. These make great wedding day favors for the guests as well. Sunglasses round off the wedding day dressing style, add a fun twist to the day and also make great add-ons during their photo shoots.

Growing trend

Sunglasses go well with both modern themed and vintage themed weddings. Sunglasses are loved by those who want to add a personal, trendy touch. With a lot of interesting models to consider, wedding sunglasses offer tons of options for the couples to tone up or tone down their wedding day profile.

Dramatic and stylish, sunglasses will also come to the rescue of the teary eyed  bride as she bids adieu to her family after the wedding. If hiding behind a pair of sunglasses does not sound a romantic idea, you can even keep this aside for the post wedding photo shoot where you can afford to strike some fun poses and casual candid snap shots. So, sunglasses make a good choice for some goofy shots and indulge in some eccentricity.

Custom wedding sunglasses are available in a wide range of colors. So, you have something that perfectly aligns with the theme. Personalize it with your tagline or artwork to make it stand out. Your guests will love the attention they get wearing these imprinted sunglasses.

You can use it as save the date invitations as well. Just slip in a pair of custom sunglasses with your mailers and   give your guests an added reason to remember your wedding day.

As chair markers: You can keep custom sunglasses on the chairs of your guests to give them a pleasant surprise;  see how these delightful gifts will bring a smile to their faces right away.

Wedding day gifts: Pack a pair of imprinted sunglasses alone or with other gifts to complete a great wedding gift bag that will let your guests carry the memories of the day

Get started with some of these popular models

Classic Style Party Sunglasses: Ensure a grand makeover to your wedding party scene with these sunglasses offered in 16 colors. Make it personal by getting your initials, wedding date or even some fun quotes imprinted on it, which will further enhance the value of these keepsakes.

Imprinted Classic Style Party Sunglasses

Malibu Wedding Sunglasses Assortment: Do you fancy a sunny beach side wedding? Make sure to shop for these UV resistant Malibu sunglasses that will keep your guests UV protected all the while driving up the style quotient of your great day.

Malibu Wedding Sunglasses Assortment

Browse our exclusive line of custom wedding sunglasses to get the best value for your money. You can also reach out to us should you need more tips on wedding sunglasses.