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1980s Sunglasses A Walkdown through Memory Lane

Aviator Sunglasses

No outfit is complete without a perfect teaming of accessories such as handbags, sunglasses, clutches, brooches, etc. If you wish to look classic, trendy, and chic at all times, then it is best to team your attire with 1980’s style sunglasses. Bold colored sunglasses were in vogue at that time, slowly the choices veered towards […]

Sunglasses with printed lenses for all occasions, thoughts and values

Custom Printed Lens Sunglasses

“There is a printed lens sunglass for every occasion, thought and value that crosses your mind.” Celebrations were/ are special and they will remain so, until human race exists. From now on you can add a new dimension to your celebrations by handing out beautiful custom printed lens sunglasses! Brushing up li’l history – initially […]

Tips to Choose Novelty Sunglasses That Make You Feel Pampered and Special

Novelty Sunglasses

Speaking of custom sunglasses, everyone knows they are here to offer relief to your eyes and they can dramatically improve your avatar, too. If you are raring to go an extra mile, then novelty sunglasses can make you feel special and pampered, too. The word “novelty” possesses wide exposure than most of us can imagine, […]

Are Wedding Favors Really Necessary?

party Sunglasses.

Wedding day is one of the most important milestones and couples know that it is more than just exchange of vows. So, they have started gifting away personalized gifts known as wedding favors.  They come in all sizes, shapes, tastes and themes – you just need to make the right choice. Remember a good keepsake […]

Value Choices for Cheap Personalized Wedding Favors

Bride and Groom Sunglasses

Are you searching for value choices for cheap personalized wedding favors? Then there simply a plenty of them, which would personal touch to your celebrations and at the same time offer good utility value to your guests. Some of the largely sought cheap personalized wedding flavors are cookie cutters, sweet treats, bookmarks, seed packets, candles, […]

Custom Imprinted Sunglasses, a vogues promotional giveaway

Custom Imprinted Sunglasses

The spring is here and the summer is fast approaching. Why not try a cool brand promotional idea keeping a utility item for these seasons?  You may wonder what I am trying to point out, right? It’s nothing but as simple as trying out some cool promotional custom imprinted sunglasses as your business giveaway. These […]

Personalized Dual Visor Clip on Sunglasses your key to an impressive brand promotion

Dual Visor Clip on Sunglasses

“How to create an effective brand promotion?” It is a common query of most entrepreneurs. Many a times even you might have asked yourself the same. The answer to this question should be intelligent enough that it brings maximum benefit to every penny you spend on it. If you seriously search for promotional articles, you […]

Custom Shamrock Sunglasses Green Color, a unique party favor

Shamrock Sunglasses

I still remember when I was so confused on selecting the perfect accessory for a theme party. The toughest job was to find the perfect sunglass that blend with the “go green” concept. I couldn’t find a perfect one and called up my friend to enquire if she had any. Surprisingly she bestowed me with […]

Custom Printed Slotted Sunglasses, unbeatable style statement

Slotted Sunglasses

This year I wanted to try out a new brand promotional item to popularize my business. I was on a serious search and a funky promotional item caught my eyes. A pair of cool custom printed slotted sunglasses. These are quite different from the conventional sunglasses and hence the bearer will definitely catch the attention […]

Custom Printed Neon Party & Events Sunglasses gets you in a party mood


Prepared to move and shake your body? Yeah, its party time.  Time to celebrate with your loved ones. You may have freaky party ideas to make the day ever remembering. The dance floor is ready. And you have the perfect outfit too to make your day. Now what about the accessories? Why not make a […]

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