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Embrace Retro Fashion with Neon Sunglasses

Neon Sunglass

“Retro” is the most fashionable term and it has always been considered a chic and classic way of expressing oneself.   People who love to keep experimenting with their looks always try to improve their looks by mixing matching modern and new styles. Neon sunglass is one such fashion accessory, which completes the style and offers […]

Navigator Glasses – Fashion Personified Eye Protection


Navigator Sunglass – When you hear this name for the first time, what actually comes to mind fashion or eye protection? Or both? Answers may vary from person to person, but interesting pick would be Navigator sunglasses offer fashion personified eye protection. Humble Beginnings It all began on a foggy morning in 1920, when Shorty […]

Tips to Choose Fashion Sunglasses that can wrap Quick Attention

Fashion Sunglasses

Sunglasses and clothes strike a deadly combination and one cannot do without either of them. Over the eyewear patterns have evolved for good and they have easily coalesced into fashion scene with a bang. If you are planning to make heads turn with sunglasses, then here are some things, which you should keep in mind. […]

Why is any party incomplete with a matching sunglass?

Party Sunglasses

What do you think exactly makes a party hit? Good music, good food, like minded friends……. List is never ending, right? Even after arranging all these things if you fail to create a right party mood then whole charm will sink faster than the “Titanic”. You can dress to match the party theme, but don’t […]

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