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New Kids Sunglasses with Arms and Lens Imprint for 2014

Here is something to keep your kid enchanted – a whole new line of kid’s sunglasses with arms and lens imprint for 2014!
Many still believe that toys, chocolate bars, video games, clothes, and field games with grueling routines of training for future– are the only things of a kid’s interest. N’ they don’t know a damn about fashion. We’d say they are absolutely wrong because kids understand what fashion is all about and they are very particular about the accessories, too.

However, they may not behave as a highly fashioned individual matching red with a red or black with grey; still they know what looking cool means.

 kids Sunglasses

In 2014, fashion pundits believe that kids fashion accessories such as kids sunglasses are going to rock. Colorful, adolescent and attractive patterns in eyewear have already started showing up in kid’s collection with famous & lesser-known fashion brands. Custom printed kid’s sunglasses are going to hit the roof within next few months. Here are certain choices of new kids sunglasses with arms and lens imprint (exclusively for 2014)-

  • Colorful frames with bright write-ups over lens – Oranges, reds, blues, violets, pinks – are all going to steal the show. Couple it with bright write ups over lens and arms saying Zap (Zap kids green sunglasses), Boom (boom kids orange sunglasses), Pow , Wham or  anything you wish to convey to them.
    Wow what a boom hit!
  • Inspired- by- DesignsBlues brother style sunglasses in bright colors are already grabbing attention. And they are going to rock throughout 2013!
  • Wild Prints – Safari prints are back into fashion and their influence is quite visible on kid’s sunglasses, too. You can choose child sized animal print sunglasses reminiscing big cats – tigers, leopards, cheetahs and even herds such as zebra, panda, bears, etc. They make a good giveaway during safari themed birthday events and parties.
  • Faux Eye Prints – It is definite that 2014 eyewear fashion is going to be largely inspired by faux looks. People love disguising as someone else during parties or joyous occasions, this trend it definitely going to be seen over printed sunglasses for kids, too. Faux eye prints such as hungry googly eyes kid’s black sunglasses, surprised eyes kids sunglasses, tiger eyes kids sunglasses are getting popular by day.
  • Glitters and Stars – As usual glittery and star shaped eye lenses are going to grab attention this year, too. They make a good party wear and great kids party giveaways too. It is a best gifting choice for all those who wish to get closer to kids easily.

Lot more kids eyewear patterns with imprints on frames and lens are hogging limelight. You can scout through them in any reputed online sunglasses store or any branded or regular fashion outlet in the city. We wish you happy sunglasses browsing for your kid!