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Theme Party Custom Sunglasses-  Stand Out In Style!

Themed parties create instant memories, tons of photo opportunities and overnight Instagram  stardom!  Whether you are planning a party on beach / pool theme, a pirate theme or  something wild like a jungle theme, we have custom sunglasses that go well with all these themes and make the guests stand out!

Beach frnds

Lost for ideas? Here are some great party themes  and the best  custom sunglasses that will go into it. We  at sunglassville can help you out with some rocking shades, complete with your own message and artwork .

Pool party theme parties are a great way to kick start the summer fun and make some brilliant holiday snaps and social media presence. A  pool party will give you a lot of flexibility in costume and accessories, which is one of the reasons behind its infinite popularity.

A pool party or a beach summer party is a perfect excuse to have all the fun in the sun! When you have the best  costume accessories and party favors like custom sunglasses, you are all set make headlines this summer.

Recreate a beach bash or tropical escape with the right set of wearable accessories and party favors. While beach props and kits will complement the theme, you need some great party favors like custom sunglasses to top off the fun and make your guests in  the partying mood.

Now that you are all set with your beach themed party, here is a quick list of some of the custom sunglasses that will help you get started.

Let’s be frank about it! A beach party is all about fun and fashion. But you cannot compromise eye safety even when you are in a thrilling beach party.  Light Activated UV Sunglasses will make a great party favor to consider. Fun and functional alike, these sunglasses change color when exposed to sunlight!

Light Activated UV Sunglasses

Wish to add a pop of color to your beach buddy image?  Neon sunglasses will make a brilliant choice literally. Your party message and tagline will stand out in style while your guests will have some great party favors worth bragging about.

Match the sun and surf theme with these Blue Stripes Hype White Lens Malibu sunglasses. Turn your guests into beach fashion icons in these imprinted sunglasses. It will be a great excuse for everyone to extend their beach party hours endlessly.  Everyone will love the attention they get in these pretty shades that will look more stunning with your message on it!
Blue Stripes Hype White Lens Imprinted Malibu Sunglasses

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