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What To Look For In Sunglasses For High Altitude Trekking

Trekking is all about adventure and exploring nature at its best! As trekkers venture out into the high altitude terrains, they get exposed to high intensity UV rays, which can damage eyes and compromise the visual clarity and perception.

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Snow and glacier will reflect more UV rays than plain surfaces, which further enhances the risk of UV exposure for trekkers, which in severity can lead to Snow Blindness. Thus UV resistant sunglasses are must-have items for any trekker’s backpacks.

 What To Look in high altitude sunglasses

Durability and lens material: Ideally the sunglasses should be light weight yet sturdy. Poly carbonate lenses are a preferred choice as these are strong and impact resistant. Choose lenses that are designed to block 100% UV rays for outdoor events like trekking. Snow and water bodies reflect more UV rays than plain surface.  Malibu and Oahu sunglasses are great choices to consider.

Sun Ray Matte Sunglasses

Polarized Lenses:

polarized sunglasses are brilliant choices to consider for trekking. The special coating on the lenses will reduce glare caused by sunlight and enhance visual clarity in the snow and keep the eyes relaxed from the stinging sun rays that could leave the trekkers stressed.

Sprint Polarized Sunglasses

Lens Colors and Gradients

The color of the lenses too  play an important role in enhancing the visual clarity. It is recommended to use hues like Amber, Grey, Red Orange, Dark Grey, Brown in the mountains.

Though Gradient sunglasses with gradually differing dark shades from top to bottom protect your eyes better, these lenses are not advisable for the snow slopes.

Eye Cover and Protection From Sides

Ideally, trekkers should use sunglasses with a tight wrap design that will keep not just the eyes fully  covered but also the sides. Sports sunglasses will make a great option. Choose from different models and choose sunglasses with extended side block. Anti fog sunglasses that will ensure better clarity is another good option

MVP Sport Sunglasses

Photochromatic lenses with UV and visible light filtering property  is a  trusted choice for trekking. The clear lens of these sunglasses darkens with exposure to radiations and it returns to normal state once the radiation ceases. The incredible flexibility of these sunglasses will enable the users to wear it all day without the need to frequently remove the sunglasses in low light conditions. Those wearing prescription sunglasses can use clip- ons to wear sunglasses over your regular specs.

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses will go a long way in increasing the fun and safety of trekking holidays and expeditions. Marketers looking for promotional items for their  trekking clubs and adventure holidays can put their dime on promotional sunglasses. Your brand will get the undivided attention of the outdoorsy clients and the much desirable word of mouth publicity.