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The Best Tips to Choose Custom Sunglasses

Sunglasses are popular handouts indeed. However, you have to choose the most appropriate models that will match the needs of your target audience for best impact.

For instance, the sunglasses that you choose  for a mature audience group  may not  match the needs of an younger demographic. Here are some tips that will help you to lay your hands on the most popular custom sunglasses.

Neon sunglasses

Impress the young and party centric audience with these brilliantly colored neon sunglasses. These sunglasses with bright frames and tinted lenses are something the youth loves to show off during parties and picnics. Just think of the exposure your brand on these frames will enjoy! Furthermore these sunglasses go well with all types of dressing style and often make a great talking topic among your audience.

Navigator sunglasses

If you have a mature audience to cater to, choose classic models like navigator sunglasses. Offered in various colors, these sunglasses enjoy a high retention.  Customize it with your brand or message to make it excellent corporate gifts and appreciation giveaways.

Malibu sunglasses

These UV resistant sunglasses will clearly make a firm favorite of the outdoorsy crowd. Available in various brilliant colors and gradient lenses, these sunglasses will draw easy eye balls wherever they go. If you are looking for something unique, choose interesting models like floating sunglasses that will stay afloat even when accidentally dropped in water!

 Rimless sunglasses

If you have a fashion forward community to cater to rimless sunglasses will especially make a great choice. Offered in a wide range of bright colors, these sunglasses will invariable make a hot topic of discussion everywhere. 

Now for some best ways to distribute sunglasses


Sunglasses will make great giveaways for in store promotions. Hand it out during special promotions or along with the product package worth a specific value. This can be a way to bring new and existing customers to your store to shop.

Online Store

If you have an online store, you can give away sunglasses with every order.  You can even add a fun twist to your promotions by  handing  out custom sunglasses as  fun contest giveaways or survey gifts among others. Options are all yours when you have versatile handouts like sunglasses.

At trade shows and events

If you have a big event like a trade show coming up,  sunglasses will make a great swag. Arrange colorful sunglasses on your table to attract the attention of participants and hand it for those attendees that sign up for your newsletter. When the visitors walk around with your sunglasses, it will be an additional form of brand marketing!

Looking for more ideas? Watch this space for our daily blog posts to stay on top of the trends in promotional sunglasses.