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Retro Sunglasses-The Trends to Consider for Summer 2014

Retro sunglasses means bolder and larger than lifestyle statements – isn’t it? The good thing is there is not clear defined look or pattern associated with the term. Perhaps every that eyewear, which makes you confident and smarter can be included within the term retro sunglasses. They are always in match with the trend and you can easily bulk your wardrobe with hundreds of them.

 Lennon Sunglasses

Retro Sunglasses

Custom sunglasses like Classic sunglasses, trendy ones, iconic sunglasses, funky sunglasses that existed in 80’s and 90’s and still making a bang–can be zeroed to the definition of retro.

Get ready to gear up your summer 2014, with any of these patterns –

  • Overpowering and large sized sunglasses – Jackie O sunglasses fall under this category and you cannot simply deny its charm. It became a popular fashion accessory of pretty women around the world in late 60’s, 70’s and even continued till 2000’s. Going by trends, metallic Jackie O sunglasses are gonna make bang in coming months, and many celebrities are still flaunting them. You can find the ones that overpower your face, without killing the show.If you are going for some other retro big sized sunglasses, then try to choose bold rims with muted and mixed colors.
  • Go for Classicsoahus and Aviators are always the stuff, which inspire fashion trends. You can be part of this fashion folklore by wearing them to parties, offices or wherever you go. You can always check with the latest designs with these brands or inspired –designs before making the right choice. Manhattan sunglasses are the best choice for those who favor aviator- inspired designs. It is a perfect choice for all those women who idolize Audrey Hepburn and her look in Breakfast at Tiffanys.If you are getting bored of bright hued plastic frames, then go for accentuated frames with metallic colors.
  • Lennon and Cat-eyes – They were a huge hit during dashing 80’s when everyone wanted to look a helluva. You can still count upon them, while hitting the party. Cat –eyes lenses and Lennon sunglasses are being offered in several enchanting color profiles and you can make your choice.
  • Glitters – All that glitters is not gold – but it is definitely gold, if you wear these glitters to the party. This glittery frames can be worn to parties, social events or any other social gatherings, where you wish to hit off with a bang.

Wish to bang off this summer?!  It never matters, whether you are going out in a day or night, retro sunglasses is always the best choice.