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Watch 2022 Sunglasses Trends

It’s that time of year when we get clues on the likely trends in fashion sunglasses for the New Year.

It is an annual tradition for most businesses to stand out in the competition by anticipating what customers will want, well in advance of each selling season. Get it right to provide just what your retailers need to keep their customers happy.

The early predictions on 2022 fashion trends in custom sunglasses will help you to make a great start.

Bigger rectangles

Bigger frames and rectangles are likely to be hot trends to watch out for. There is likely to be a demand for bigger frames and lenses that stand out. The trend of oversized frames  has always been popular. However, in the year 2022, we are likely to see more such models 

Retro designs

There are many retro designs that never go out of fashion. So, 2022 is also likely to see a spike in popularity in old fashioned models in sunglasses. For instance small circular frames reminiscent of models John Lennon might have worn could turn out to be extremely popular. In addition classic navigator sunglasses inspired by the original pilot sunglasses are expected to be popular.  

Cat eyes too are expected to be the talk of the town in the months ahead. More people may look for retro sunglasses that will interestingly complement both classic and contemporary dressing styles.

Bold Lens colors

In addition, frames featuring bold colors will continue to be a big hit. Subtle frames highlighted by brilliantly colored lenses will cast a magical spell over the audience. Bright colored lenses is a smart way to brighten up their profiles and make them feel good about themselves. Thus, color will play a big part in 2022 fashions – even in designer sunglasses.

The New Year is expected to offer a brilliant opportunity to grow your business after the wind-down caused by the pandemic last few months. New year offers you the chance to bounce back with a bang. So, keep an eye on the trends as it will be the key that can lead to stronger sales and better leads.

Something special

Apart from being just functional, sunglasses are likely to be a crucial element in personal style enhancement of the users. Some of the models that are likely to be popular include sunglasses with glittering design or something quirky like color changing frames.

Finally, fun models like bottle opener sunglasses that double up as party accessories and sunglasses alike may rank high in the popularity chart.

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