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Best Sunglasses from Netflix’s trending shows!

Best Sunglasses from Netflix’s trending shows!

How do sunglasses get popular? One just won’t go to the store and say that I need hexagon-shaped sunglasses with a wired frame that has a mirrored lens in chrome yellow color, do they? It’s all about the people who wear them, that’s what makes these sunglasses famous! Now if you go to a store and ask if there is Uptown funk – Bruno Mars’s sunglasses, that makes sense, right?! So for sunglasses, it’s not just the trend that makes them popular, it’s the people or characters who wear them, such as the Keanu Reeves’ Matrix sunglasses or Will Smith’ MIB Sunglasses etc. Now the same applies to those shows that are trending on Netflix.  People out there notice specific sunglasses and accessories from Netflix and this makes these sunglasses popular among the audience. So if you are planning to send these sunglasses as promotional gifts, your chances are more to get noticed.

While choosing promotional sunglasses, most of the business owners are confused. There are a few different styles of sunglasses and it’s not that easy to choose which one to get for your customers/clients or employees. Instead of searching for the perfect category sunglasses, why don’t you get something that is trending out there? Let’s check out some unique uber-cool sunglasses from Netflix’s most trending shows!

Vintage Classic sunglasses


Netflix’s trending show Sex Education is full of high sensitive fashion apparel and accessories. Now, just after the release of the second season, it became more profound. But the actual talk is about Otis Milburn’s sober shades! Episode 7 of season 2 features Otis in warm yellow Vintage polo classic sunglasses. These sunglasses can leave a retro look even though it is more of a classic one!

Mirrored Sunglasses


Nobody can wear mirrored sunglasses just like Jake Peralta. This lead detective from Brooklyn 99 has all sorts of super cool sunglasses. In fact, Jake Peralta is more often seen with sunglasses than that of any other one in the show. Looks like, the detective lifestyle is so dashing! The one that makes him eye-conic is the one mirrored sunglasses he wears for the cover picture of season three.

Heart-shaped sunglasses


The on and off character from Netflix’s You, Candace Stone comes in an ultra-chic look wearing her heart-shaped sunglasses. Joe’s thought-to-be-dead-ex-girlfriend Candace is a style icon and her metal frame heart-shaped sunglasses make her look more interesting than ever. These are perfect as party wear with its classy outlook. Heart-shaped sunglasses. With the right frame, these shades can bring out the fashionista in you.

Classic Sunglasses


Not just classic, it’s the 80’s classic! Stranger things took us back to 80’s style and one thing we found there is nothing but sensational accessories. Max from Stranger things is one such rebel who brought the necessary classics into the show. Max in the second season tries brand new sunglasses with chic red frames which exactly brings her classy side in the retro look. These shades are bold and it brings some retro vibe into the outlook.

Lennon Sunglasses


La Casa De Papel aka Money Heist was the highest-grossing show on Netflix last year. The main protagonist and the narrator of the series, allegedly named Tokio made a sensational look with her assortment of sunglasses. And the most popular shades were the round Lennon ones in blue shades. These sunglasses are differentiated by their colorful frames and lenses. The black rims at the end of frames impart a very unique fashionable look to these frames.

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