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Movie Inspired Custom Sunglasses – The Best Gift Choice To Engage Your Audience

Movies and the tinsel world have always been the spawning grounds of the hottest fashion styles. We may not all be movie stars, however we can still dress like them to look cool and smashing. We at sunglassville have a range of movie inspired sunglasses that will make your recipients look good and protect your eyes.

Movie Inspired Custom Sunglasses – The Best Gift Choice To Engage Your Audience

Updated! Check out these smashing custom sunglasses that look as good as their originals but fall easy on your wallets. A great pair of sunglasses will boost the style and make anyone the star of the day. No matter whether you are looking for party favors that will literally sweep your guests off their feet or branded sunglasses for promoting your business or cause, these celebrity inspired sunglasses will be a rage.

In movies, the protagonist will be the center of attraction; all the eyes will be on what the hero of the movie is wearing, especially a hot pair of shades. Even movie posters feature sunglasses prominently in order to grab the attention of the audiences (Remember Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous?) Whenever a movie becomes a hit, the sunglasses featured in the movie gets a high popularity rating and in some cases these sunglasses models may even take up the name of the movie!

May be the most attractive feature of sunglasses is that they hide people’s eyes and conceal their thoughts and emotions that are reflected on the face. The same goes for the movies. We often see the hero in the movie retains his cool charm and is portrayed as a fearless character with a pair of stunning sunglasses on! These extra large Cosmopolitan sunglasses will make a great choice to celebrate the enigmatic charm of the movie heros that appear confident behind their shades.

Cosmopolitan Sunglasses

We have a lot of movie and music inspired sunglasses just in time for the outdoor spring season, the attention getting outdoor weddings, concerts and outdoor parties.

Logo Wrapped Sunglasses: It is too early to forget the charismatic charm and the million dollar smile of Tom Cruise in the movie Risky Business (1983). These logo wrapped sunglasses inspired by the checkered glasses that he donned in this movie will make a great spring season promotional gift to consider.

Custom Printed Logo Wrapped Sunglasses

Color Mirrored Navigator Sunglasses: The movie lovers can rewind their memory of the movie Top Gun that is released in (1986). The mirrored sunglass that Tom Cruise sports in the movie is simply so stunning to miss out. Literally, the influence of the movie was such that whenever you put on pair of Aviators it is impossible not to call someone “Goose.”!

Available in a range of color options like Blue, Green, Yellow, Silver or Red Mirrored lenses, all with Silver frames, these custom sunglasses will make a perfect choice to promote movie halls or to reach out to the younger audience who eats, sleeps and breathes Tom cruise movies. The UV400 lenses that provide 100% UVA and UVB protection will make a perfect choice for outdoor promotions and events as well. Order right away to feel the effect of these movie inspired sunglasses that will literally make your brand the talk of the town!

Custom Imprinted Color Mirrored Navigator Sunglass

Need more? Just take a quick tour through our online store that is a choke a block with the latest and the most happening sunglasses models not just for the hard core movie buffs but people of every league. Shop right away!