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Imprinted Sunglasses For Destination Weddings – A Few Handy Tips

Destination weddings are a rage. It will give the dual advantage for the couples to sneak in an overseas honey moon trip and some great photo shoot moments. Destination weddings will allow you to dream big and chance your wedding ideas. Dreaming of a beach wedding even when you are scarping off the snow from the car windows? Choose a tropical beach destination, list out a few selected guests and book those tickets- Do not forget the wedding favors!


When fun in the sun is on the cards can there be a better gift idea than sunglasses? Take the fashion quotient of your guests to the next level with a pair of shades before they take their seats. Or you can even include imprinted sunglasses in wedding gift bags. Make sure to get it imprinted with the initials of the couple, wedding date or tagline to make it truly personal.

Choose sunglasses that match the theme of your wedding. These will ensure great protection from the sun and some amazing photos. Sunglasses offer a lot of options to consider. Let’s start off with the classic favorites of Navigator sunglasses. Offered in a wide range of lens colors and frame models, these sunglasses make a perfect choice. It will look good on all face types and is a run- away hit among all age groups and demographics.
Black Frame Navigator Sunglasses

Looking for something flashy?  Mirrored sunglasses will just be it. Offered in a range of scintillating colors, these sunglasses will add a dramatic twist to those beach side wedding snaps.  Leave your imprint on it to make it extra special.
Crystalline Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses

Malibu sunglasses: named after the sunny beach destination of Malibu, these UV resistant sunglasses will make a perfect choice to consider. Your message will stand out on these attractive shades even after the wedding day.  You can even consider a wide range of variations in these sunglasses. For instance, floating sunglasses or color changing sunglasses will make a perfect choice for a beach themed wedding. Your recipients will take home some sweet memories that will be brought alive by these sunglasses time and again.
Classic Black Gradient Malibu Sunglasses

Wow your audience with these glow in the dark sunglasses that will make a perfect bling for night weddings and dance nights. Needless to say, your message will be seen outside the wedding crowd as your guests wear it to parties, picnics or costume parties!
Glow in the Dark Sunglasses -Blue Clear Lenses

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