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 Custom Sunglasses- Just In Time For the Party hours

New Year revelry is on high pitch. Most people celebrate their achievements, plan resolutions and life goals for the year ahead. Businesses planning corporate parties and New Year store promotional events or community events will find custom sunglasses a great choice.  Versatile and budget friendly, sunglasses are available in just about every price rate.


Sunglasses are something people will never get bored of! Nobody can have too many pairs of sunglasses and every time they get these, it will make a delightful addition to their collection. Your recipients will wear it for parties, picnics and even during their backyard party- and your message will reach a wider audience.

Here are some of our favorite sunglasses that will leave you inspired

Matte Sunglasses

Get ready to welcome early spring in these brightly colored smooth touch matte sunglasses. Offered in a wide range of colors, these sunglasses with UV400 lenses are a hit among party goers and sun and outdoor fun worshippers .

Smooth-Touch Matte Sunglasses w/ 18 Colors

American Flag Patriotic Sunglasses

Perfect not just for Memorial Day or 4th of July parades, these patriotic sunglasses are great all through the year. These sunglasses are something you can feel proud to wear anytime, anywhere.
Lens Oahu Sunglasses American Flag Red Frame

Bollé Sunglasses

A smart mix of fashion and form, these UV resistant Bolle Molly sunglasses with TNS polarized lens make it ideal for both sporting and working outdoors in just about any condition. The sturdy yet light weight sunglasses are designed to last long and look great. Your message and artwork imprinted on the shiny black frames will get a lot of attention.

Bolle Molly Sunglasses

Wood Grain Sunglasses

These classic wood grain sunglasses are all set to be a great hit for all types of events. UV resistant and stylish, these sunglasses will look even more attractive with your brand on it. Incredibly popular, these classic sunglasses will look good with both casual and formal dressing style, which in turn will enhance its popularity.

Wood Grain UV Oahu Sunglasses

Navigator Sunglasses

Navigator sunglasses have always been a hot choice. UV resistant and stylish, these sunglasses are great for work, play and everything in between. Choose from a range of lens colors and frame choices to leave people drop dead on their tracks!

Ocean Gradient Navigator Sunglasses

Custom sunglasses can also be employed as fund raising items, team spirit items, party favors or more. Options are all yours when you have popular custom gifts like sunglasses on hand. Make the most of its popularity by letting your creative juices flow.

Browse our collection of sunglasses to choose a model that suits your theme.