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Personalized  Wedding Favors For Small  Weddings In The Post Pandemic World

In the post pandemic world small has become beautiful all of a sudden! The large, lavish wedding events have given way to small and intimate events with just a few family members and friends. Smaller weddings will give ample scope for the couple to ensure a personal touch to their special day.Whether it is personal attention, personalized favors and the best of everything for guests, the possibilities are immense. The big plus  is that it will fit into even a modest budget, which means that the couple can save money for an extended honeymoon in a dream locale as well.


Weddings have been dramatically downsized; but it doesn’t mean that 2020  has a virtually nonexistent wedding season. With an anomalous number of free weekends, the summer and fall season of the year holds some brilliant promises for fairy tale wedding events.

As social-distancing norms make big wedding celebrations almost impossible, the focus has clearly shifted to small weddings that meets  the imposed limits on the number of people who can gather. The less busy wedding season would also mean higher vendors’ availability and better prices.

Celebrating weddings in the new normal world is going to be a lot different. Weddings will be smaller, more intimate with top-notch hygiene standards as well as contact less services. We are likely to see smaller guest counts, plated dinner parties, serving attendants at food/drink station,  larger dance floors etc in the days ahead. By planning a dream like outdoor wedding in the early fall season in venues closer to your home, you get enough time to think of some exceptional wedding favors as well.

Wedding Sunglasses Bride and Groom

Wedding sunglasses will make a great wedding favor to consider. The low minimum quantity offer of some models  will make it possible for you to place orders for as low as 24 pieces! Get it customized with your wedding slogan, artwork or fun quotes to complete the fun profile of your wedding favors. The low minimum offer will let you order just what you need without over spending on what you may never use!

Printed Wedding Sunglasses

Wedding favors like  customized hand sanitizers are going to be a rage in wedding parties in the days ahead. Hand sanitizers probably make a great sense as wedding favors. Handshakes and hugs during weddings will make it crucial for the couple and the guests to stay safe from the risk of exposure. By handing out these custom hand sanitizers as part of your wedding gift bag, you can remind and encourage your guests to sanitize their hands through the wedding ceremony.

2 Oz Hand Sanitizer for Weddings

2 Oz Hand Sanitizer for Weddings:  Odorless  hand sanitizer in easy to use gel form will help your guests to stay safe and disinfect their hands. Personalize these with the wedding  message, initials of the couple, wedding date or artwork on the imprint area to make it a delightful wedding day souvenir for your guests.

The times are changing and the concept of weddings across the world is going to be significantly different. Think of a safer way to plan a happy wedding event. For more ideas on wedding sunglasses, visit our blogs and stay on trend!