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Sunglasses for Harry Potter-themed Wedding!!

Sunglasses for Harry Potter-themed Wedding!!

Are you a Potterhead? If so, read ahead! Being a Harry Potter obsessed couple, you might wish for a magical wedding, recreating the essence of Hogwarts and 9 ¾ platform! You can invite your guests to Harry Potter Postcards and make them wear wizard/witch uniforms for attending the wedding. You can say your vows just like you cast spells and maybe you can even have a grand feast for your wedding just the way it is! Wait, We are not done yet. You can also get customized wedding sunglasses now, for your spellbound Harry Potter themed wedding! Yes, sunglasses, that too customized! Take your guests to their respective houses; choose those designated colors yellow, red, green and blue. Get sunglasses for your Potterhead friends and make your wedding a magical one.

Wondering about choices? Hold tight on your broomstick, because we are taking you for a journey full of sunglasses for your harry potter themed wedding!

Glow in the dark imprinted Sunglasses


Want to add magic, even to your sunglasses? Get glow in the dark imprinted sunglasses for your wedding and make this true! You can make your wedding into a glowing one with these sunglasses. Imprint names of the bride and groom on these magical glasses and take your wedding spell bounded! You could even bring out a Slytherin themed wedding out of these sunglasses; with green shades and made up snakes, you could make your wedding into more of a parseltongue treat!

Personalized Malibu Sunglasses 


Planning to wed in the Great Hall in front of the four houses with sorting hat on head and candles everywhere? With custom sunglasses, now you can do this so easily! Get assorted Malibu sunglasses in four different colors to depict the houses and divide them apart according to the color! You can print the house name on these sunglasses if you want.

Lennon Sunglasses


One thing a potterhead can never ignore is itself the Harry Potter Glasses! The one in round glasses which contain a black frame and round lenses! Now you can get similar shaped ones for your wedding! But why make it spectal-ish?! You could get colorful round Lennon sunglasses instead of plain ones. All your harry potter lovers would die over for this pair of sunglasses!


Get sunglasses in four different colors representing the four houses of Hogwarts. Imprint the names of Bride and Groom on one side; and fill the other hand by imprinting the house name, be it Gryffindor, Slytherin, Huffle Puff or Raven Claw according to the color! Make your wedding Potter head-worthy with customized wedding sunglasses! Arrange these sunglasses at your wedding entrance and let your guests choose their favorite house color to attend your wedding. You can have your wedding in front of wizards and witches from the four houses! Let your guests hold their wands tight while you walk the aisle in Harry’s invisibility cloak! Adding more, you can arrange the traditional Hogwarts feast and butterbeer party to make your function look more authentic and fun! So what are you waiting for? Get your wands ready and let the owls take your messages! Get customized wedding sunglasses and travel to Hogwarts by flying Nimbus 2000. And make your wedding an enchanting one!