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Why Wedding Sunglasses Are Not Just For Summer Season

Sunglasses in November- Are we kidding? Not at all! Sunglasses are not just for the sunny days. In fact snow slopes in the winter season can reflect more UV rays than most of us can even imagine. So, keep the eyes safe from the UV risk and pack a wow factor to the style of your wedding guests with these custom sunglasses.


Available in a range of models and colors, custom sunglasses have always been popular wedding party favors all round the year because everyone simply loves these stylish sunglasses. Imprint your name, initials, wedding date and venue on these logo items to make it personal. Be it as party favors, photo props or dance floor accessories, these custom sunglasses will leave a lasting impression and will make your wedding day a cut above the rest.

Wedding Party Sunglasses: Available in 25 vibrant colors, these custom wedding party sunglasses will make a perfect acknowledgement gift to all those who make it to the wedding party. These Premium solid color black rubberized custom sunglasses will never fail to turn heads even after the wedding bells stop chiming!

Custom Imprinted Wedding Party Sunglasses

Wedding Sunglasses Bride and Groom : Turn the spotlight to the couple by handing out these customized sunglasses for the bride and the groom. It is your day after all and anything is fair to grab a few eyeballs on their big day. Browse our exclusive range of sunglasses to romp home with some of the best deals.

Custom Wedding Sunglasses Bride and Groom

Malibu Sunglasses with 19 Colors: Planning an outdoor/ destination wedding? Look no further than these attractive Malibu sunglasses with UV 400 features which will keep your guests cool and chic all through the ceremony and even after that. These functional accessories will surely enjoy a long retention as nobody can resist these. These pretty cool sunglasses produced using recycled polycarbonate material is a great choice for a green themed wedding event as well.

Personalized Malibu Sunglasses with 19 Colors

Glow in the Dark Sunglasses -Green Clear Lenses Get the party started in a grand way with these glow in the dark sunglasses that are available 5 ready to party colors- all glasses glow green, when held under the light. Not just for weddings, but for corporate parties, school dances and costume parties, these glow in the dark sunglasses will be seen all around and anything imprinted on these will never fail to grab the limelight!

Customized Glow in the Dark Sunglasses -Green Clear Lenses

Classic Style Party Sunglasses w/ 16 Colors A huge hit among party revelers and fun worshippers, these trendy sunglasses can transform the appearance of your recipients in no time. Available in 16 colors, these custom sunglasses will turn even a low key event into a high octane party. Advertisers who are thinking of handing out some unique gifts during holiday season can always seek it.

Custom Imprinted Classic Style Party Sunglasses w/ 16 Colors

Looking for more? Browse along and you can easily find your favorite custom sunglass custom sunglass models in just a few clicks. We bet, wedding shopping can’t get any more simple and enjoyable! Happy shopping!