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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Translucent Sunglasses – The Next Generation Eyewear!

Translucent Sunglasses

Translucent sunglasses are extra neat, fashionable, trendy and chic at all times. It is most often compared with dark sunglasses on basis of performance and many people criticize that they cannot use them for spying on others! It offers a partial visibility of your eyes and fits easily over them. These sunglasses lend a very […]

Benefits of Investing in Wave Rubberized Sunglasses

Wave Rubberized Sunglasses

Wave rubberized sunglasses are typical variety of rubberized sunglasses used by Americans during outdoor indulgences. Rubberized frames and temples give characteristic to this kind of sunglasses. Rubber framed sunglasses are largely used during hiking, biking and adventure sports as well as indulgences, when you need to stay under sun for long. Now you may ask […]

Why should you Choose oahu Sunglasses for Wedding Flavors?

Custom Wedding Imprinted oahu Sunglasses

What is your first reaction on hearing the word summer? Warmer climate, sun kissed beaches, sun tanned bodies, crowded swimming classes and of course Summer Weddings!  Isn’t it? Chances are that you have had enough share of each one of them.  What if you are getting married this summer and in search of wedding favor […]

Benefits of Indulging with Wedding date on lens Sunglasses Bride and Groom

Wedding Date on Lens Sunglass Bride and Groom

With wedding date inching closer, we are sure that you might be bombarded with thousand thoughts on ifs, don’ts and what’s. Let those thoughts subside for a moment; we strongly suggest you go for beautiful wedding date on lens sunglass bride and groom.  This choice will not only add charm to your wedding celebrations, but […]

Why are Custom Imprinted Malibu Sunglasses the Most Ordered in summer?

Malibu Sunglasses

You may enjoy snowboarding, driving on a sunny day or spending a day by the beach, but what you may realize later is the pain caused by harsh sunlight.  When it is all about braving the heat of competition and sun, then, it is better to do with custom imprinted Malibu sunglasses. They not only […]

Why is Custom Neon Sunglasses Cool for Any Party?


Party is always an event, where people love to enjoy out- of- their wits and regale in memories of the past. This also includes a loud talks or passing mention about dress styles that were prominent in 70’s and 80’s. People always love to retain one or the other element of those retro-themed parties, even […]

Popular Winter Sunglasses 2013-2014

Custom Printed Cannes Sunglass

When the earth is slowly getting colder, you cannot play fool by leaving warm clothes and pair of sunglasses at home, isn’t it?! Yes, a pair of sunglasses becomes a must-have who wishes to enjoy a comfortable outdoor stay.  With fall coming to end and winters about to start, you should start preparing to protect […]

Experience Call of The Wild with Zebra Wild Life Sunglasses

Zebra Wild Life Sunglasses

Lion, giraffe, bears, tigers, leopards, big cats and now herds of zebras! Oh my! Zebra wild life sunglasses are becoming popular with all those who wish to look like a wild horse (read zebra) on prowl! Why zebra print sunglasses are going to be your best fashion decision this fall? Because – An animal printed […]

Hype Lens Sunglasses and Brand Building in 2014

Hype Lens Sunglasses

Do you wish to hype your campaign? Then, it is a humble request that you should consider hype lens sunglasses. Is known to work great for all those – who invest their money and hopes on them, also for those who wear them during parties or other joyous occasions. As the name suggests, this refers […]

New Kids Sunglasses with Arms and Lens Imprint for 2014

 kids Sunglasses

Here is something to keep your kid enchanted – a whole new line of kid’s sunglasses with arms and lens imprint for 2014! Many still believe that toys, chocolate bars, video games, clothes, and field games with grueling routines of training for future– are the only things of a kid’s interest. N’ they don’t know […]