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Monthly Archives: February 2020

 How To Get The Best Deals In Custom Sunglasses For Less!

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Sunglasses are popular handouts to promote brands and events. Whether you plan to use these as party favors or promotional items, custom sunglasses will never fail. The best part is that even when you are on a budget you can find quality sunglasses at a low price when you buy in bulk. Choose from a […]

A Guide To The Perfect Wedding Sunglasses

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What could be the role of sunglasses during a wedding event? Though it is a bit tricky to explain; it is a proven fact that it is hard to find a wedding album without the snaps of the couple and even the guests donning sunglasses!   Sunglasses indeed impart a fairy tale charm to the […]

Wedding sunglasses for your Island Wedding

Wedding sunglasses for your Island Wedding!

No big walls, no more halls and not even roofs! Island wedding is a dream comes true. Enveloped in a serene location and engulfed by the sea everywhere, island weddings are favorite for every bride out there. Be it Bahamas, Cabanas or Madagascar, island weddings are just phenomenal! You get a whole island yourself experiencing […]

Wedding Sunglasses – How cool are these?

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Weddings have evolved to be star studded and red carpet events these days. With couples splurging on the best wedding day outfits and accessories, wedding day has become a great time to flaunt the fashion sense for everyone as well. Interestingly, while most wedding day items and apparels end up in the wardrobe after the […]

Custom Sunglasses As Masquerade Party Favors


Mardi Gras is only a few weeks away and the masquerade fun is always on! These parties have been around for probably hundreds of years and continue to be popular even today.  Masquerade parties  indeed enjoy a mysterious charm. Easy to host, masquerade parties offer a chance to hide the real identity of the revelers […]

Classic Sunglasses – Sport The Retro Look At Easy Prices

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Classic sunglasses bring alive the 80s style at the 80s price! Available in several bright and neon colors, classic sunglasses are visual treats. Choose a model that complements your corporate color or the theme of the event and see how these sunglasses will change the party mood on its head. Be it as party favors […]

Old Is Gold- So is Our Custom Retro Sunglasses

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Vintage-inspired shapes and models are on a rebound these days considering the amazing popularity these custom retro sunglasses enjoy. Feminine silhouettes like ovals, modified rectangles coupled with blues and earthy browns have all made the world of retro sunglasses excitingly different. These stylish sunglasses can be imprinted with logo and message to round off the […]

Sunglasses for Harry Potter-themed Wedding!!

Sunglasses for Harry Potter-themed Wedding!!

Are you a Potterhead? If so, read ahead! Being a Harry Potter obsessed couple, you might wish for a magical wedding, recreating the essence of Hogwarts and 9 ¾ platform! You can invite your guests to Harry Potter Postcards and make them wear wizard/witch uniforms for attending the wedding. You can say your vows just […]

 5 Ways To Use Logo Sunglasses For Business Branding

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Sunglasses are ubiquitous; we see it all the time but still wish to get a new pair whenever we can. It is this irresistible charm that makes sunglasses a must have  item in every promotional event. Available in a wide range of models and colors, custom sunglasses will give your brand the much desired portability […]