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Monthly Archives: March 2020

 5 Cool Custom Sunglasses For Summer 2020 

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Here are some sunglasses styles you should wear this summer season. Whether it is classic models like wayfarer sunglasses that have been around for generations or the most trending models in town, you have  a lot to choose in customized sunglasses. Here are some  models that will complement your summer fashion. 90s Sunglasses The retro […]

How To Choose Your Sunglasses For Each Season?

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Sunglasses make stylish accessories that can be worn anytime. Be it to add a speck of style to the dressing or keep the eyes UV safe, people need sunglasses.  Here are some tips to choose your sunglasses for each season. Spring – March, April, May The sun is out, nature is in its full bloom […]

 Custom Kids sunglasses For Children’s Party

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Finding the perfect handout for kids’ birthday isn’t easy. Kids are hard to please and demanding and when you have the responsibility of hosting a memorable birthday party for kids, you need the best handouts on a budget. Sunglasses will make a great choice to consider for summer events, outdoor parties and infact for any […]

Custom Destination Wedding Sunglasses- Favors That Are Hard To Resist!

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Destination weddings are a rage! It not just gives a holiday twist for the wedding guests but also a foreign honeymoon trip for the couple. Set budget, choose a post card pretty locale, make the guest list and hand pick some great personalized wedding favors.  At the end of it all, destination weddings are truly […]

Light Up Night Sunglasses For Sundown Party Hours

Wire glow glass

Birthdays, night clubs, festivals, parties, weddings- you can literally come up with a long list of sundown party events  where you need to show your style sense and party vibes at night too! Wear your stylish sunglasses at night too and make heads turn. Light up sunglasses are the coolest party swag ever. Everyone will […]

Weekend Fun Custom Sunglasses- Nothing But Pure Fun!

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Summer outdoors offer a lot of rough and often messy weekend ideas for most people. Anyone who is looking for a sturdy and stylish pair of sunglasses that won’t break the fun tide or even their bank will find these custom sunglasses a perfect choice. Your fun loving audience can focus on their outdoor fun […]

Theme Party Custom Sunglasses-  Stand Out In Style!

Beach frnds

Themed parties create instant memories, tons of photo opportunities and overnight Instagram  stardom!  Whether you are planning a party on beach / pool theme, a pirate theme or  something wild like a jungle theme, we have custom sunglasses that go well with all these themes and make the guests stand out! Lost for ideas? Here […]

What To Look For In Sunglasses For High Altitude Trekking

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Trekking is all about adventure and exploring nature at its best! As trekkers venture out into the high altitude terrains, they get exposed to high intensity UV rays, which can damage eyes and compromise the visual clarity and perception. Snow and glacier will reflect more UV rays than plain surfaces, which further enhances the risk […]

 Women’s Day Custom Summer Sunglasses –Outdoor Branding At Its Best

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Women’s day is right here, so is summer! Businesses looking for a perfect handout for their women audience will find these stylish summer sunglasses a great choice. Impress all the women of style and substance with these perfect shades that are designed keeping in mind the high fashion sense of the female audience. To wear […]

5 Bold Sunglasses to gift your women employees on International Women’s Day 2020

5 Bold Sunglasses to gift your women employees on IWD 2020 (1)

There is no such thing as too many sunglasses; especially for the bunch of dashing women out there! Whether it is the micro-mini nostalgic retro shades, or the over-sized drama shades, or maybe the sharp edge cat eye shades, one can never get over sunglasses. Sunglasses inherit confidence; so this March 8th, when everybody celebrates […]