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Custom Clear Sunglasses- Popular Gift Choice in 2020

Sunglasses are not just designed to keep your eyes safe from UV risks but are now a  fashion statement. With many people adopting sunglasses as part of their lifestyle, we see a fashion tide in these accessories like never before! Offered in a wide range of sizes and shapes, custom sunglasses are stylish and eye catching.


Looking for something smoking hot in the fashion circuits this year? Transparent sunglasses are making it big in 2020 and here are some reasons why you should get these custom handouts for your promotions if you haven’t already!

Transparent sunglasses are understated

Clear sunglasses are subtle and understated and will compliment the personality of the users without grabbing the attention. Fashion statements should gel naturally with the overall dressing style without being  loud and in your face!  It can thus be worn with any colors or accessories with ease. The colorless lenses that stand out against the bright frames will add a hint of class to your look up-close.


These sunglasses are durable and ideal for everyday use. By making these high utility sunglasses your custom gifts you are assured of consistent impressions at one time investment.


Transparent sunglasses are perfect for any apparel. Whether your recipients wear it with formals for a classic,  contrast look or with casual for a bohemian style, these sunglasses will perform well. So, marketers looking for a sure fire custom gift that will impress every genre of audience will find these clear sunglasses a perfect choice.

 Look great in photos

 The clear material reflects light far better than colored lenses, making you stand out in low light shots better than anyone.Your recipients will have a perfect pair of sunglasses for their night and low light events. Transparent sunglasses look great in snapshots, which in turn will  ensure instant stardom to your recipients in their social media pages. Your logo and message imprinted on these  too will get a fair share of limelight.

Looking for clear sunglasses as holiday favors, party gifts or promotional handouts? Get started with these favorite models that will earn your message a  lot of face time and leave your recipients truly impressed!

Party Rock Glasses Assortment : Embellished eyewear inspired by the famous Party Rock Anthem music video are easily distinguished by their multi colored embellished frames, clear lenses, metal hinges, acetate based frames, and UV protected clear polycarbonate lens. Your recipients will be pleased to get these stylish frames that compliment their  personality and  the holiday trends.

Party Rock Glasses Assortment

Clear Malibu Glasses with 6 Colors: These make brilliant fashion accessories throughout the year. Be it a beach side party,corporate event or wedding, these clear lens Malibu sunglasses will be the star of the event! Customize it with your message and artwork to make it unique.

Clear Malibu Glasses with 6 Colors

Glow in the Dark Sunglasses -Clear Lenses Get the party started  with these clear , glow in the dark sunglasses available with frames in 5 color choices. All glasses glow green, when held under the light.

Glow in the Dark Sunglasses -Green Clear Lenses

Need more? browse our collection and choose a model that matches your theme.