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Custom Sunglasses Make A Great Welcome Back Gift For Your Team

Sunglasses are more of a fashion accessory these days  than just a functional item. With the pandemic curve under control in most parts of the world, and offices planning a reopening, it is time to think of some great welcome back gifts for your team.

Most people are celebrating the change of seasons and the new fashion colors on the offer.So, it will make a great time to take a look at some stunning sunglasses for the employees coming back to office after the hiatus.


Imprinted sunglasses will make a great choice considering the fabulous choices and the customization options on offer. Work wear is mostly formal so you can choose some elegant eye wear like Tortoise  sunglasses or the unbeatable choice of Navigator sunglasses. It will go well with formal colors as well as the Friday casuals with ease. You can choose what suits you the best and look your professional best even in the office!

Malibu Tortoise Sunglasses

Tortoiseshell frames never go out of trend as these are one of the best neutral accessories for summer, spring, fall or winter! These make a fashion statement all round the year. The timeless design and durability of these sunglasses make it a winner for everyday use.

Navigator sunglasses do not need any formal introduction in the world of sunglasses. Inspired by the original pilot sunglasses, these shades offer a lot of choices in terms of color and frames. Choose a design that you think will tug the hearts of your crew, customize it you’re your logo and message and you are all set to make your employees stand out and feel upbeat during the holiday season.

Imprinted Navigator Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses will obviously be the seasonal favorite. Designed to keep the glare away and enhance eye comfort, these are great for snow activities, long road trips and angling fun among others. Put your brand on and get noticed easily!

Polarized Malibu Sunglasses

UV resistant sunglasses like Malibu sunglasses are also top favorites among work sunglasses. As the invisible UV rays remain in the atmosphere all year round irrespective of the season, it will always  make a great handout to consider for your employees. Choose from a wide range of colors and models and customize it with your message to make it a value added gift with a high retention.

Two -Tone Malibu Sunglasses with Black Frame

Which of these sunglasses are you making your welcome back gift for your employees? With countless options on offer, you can literally choose any model that match the life style of your employees. Share your thoughts with us on our instagram page to get featured.