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Custom Sunglasses As Mailer Items- Better Than The Best!

Custom sunglasses are popular promotional items to get across the message of businesses or to spread awareness. These make great party favors, appreciation gifts, tradeshow staples and mailer campaign gifts as well. Low in cost yet high in popularity, custom sunglasses will make great promotional items during spring and summer season.  Make sure to stock up so you have plenty on hand to get you through the whole year and not just for summer!

Personalized Blues Brothers Kids Sunglasses - Assorted Colors

Did you know that customized sunglasses will make great mailer gifts? It will not just add an element of surprise to your mailers but will enhance the chances of getting your mailers actually opened and read. Slip in a pair of sunglasses with your invitation mailer and give them a taste of what to expect during your promotional event! Light weight and compact, these will not add up to your postage charges as well. Sunglasses can be customized with fun images, taglines or messages to make them truly unique and special.

Offered in a range of models and price points, custom sunglasses can be selected to match your promotional theme.

Malibu sunglasses: UV resistant, stylish and recyclable, Malibu sunglasses have all the virtues of a popular custom gift.  Businesses can use it in their mailer campaigns to grow their brand significantly and ensure assured ROI. Everyone loves sunglasses and it makes great promotional items to reach out to a wider audience cutting across age and gender differences. Customize these with your brand and message to make them a cost effective way to promote your brand and make profits.

Malibu sunglasses have UV 400 lenses that will shield the users from the harmful UV rays of the sun, making it an important personal care item. Offered in a  range of styles and frames, you can choose a model that matches your event theme.

Navigator sunglasses: Originally designed for pilots and security personnel, these sunglasses stole the hearts of many fashion connoisseurs with its thin metal frames and oval shaped lenses. Now they have come up with fresh designs and models to suit the changing trends. Check out these snake wrap nylon sunglasses that will make a great choice for mailer campaigns. Your recipients will have a pleasant surprise when they get these stylish sunglasses in their mails!

Sports sunglasses: The outdoor season is on and it is time for game days and tail gating parties for everyone. Build up a buzz for your upcoming event by using custom sports sunglasses as mailer gifts. Your recipients will love these stylish sunglasses that will look good not just on the sports stands but during beach parties, road trips and in fact any outdoor activity. Your recipients will love it for sure.

We have a lot more; browse our collection and choose a model that matches your theme to make your mailer campaigns successful even on a modest budget!