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Personalized Malibu Sunglasses- Cool Shades For A Hot Branding Campaign

Custom Malibu sunglasses are must have outdoor staples for any outdoorsy person during summer and spring season. These attractive sunglasses with UV resistant lenses will stir up interest when you wear them to a beach or party. Made using recycled polycarbonate material, these sunglasses are ecofriendly and make a great logo item for awareness campaigns as well as fund raisers for nonprofit entities working for environment protection.

Named after Malibu, the famous beach in the United States, these UV resistant sunglasses are well cut for beach holidays and outdoor picnics. Kick start your spring promotion with a pair of promotional Malibu sunglasses. Bright and sunny days bring people out and custom sunglasses will let them advertise your business while they stroll at the beach or during road trips.

Born crowd pleasers, custom Malibu sunglasses make a great hand out during outdoor tradeshows, beach events, game days and store promotions. It can also be used as wedding favors or family reunion gifts. Offered in a range of attractive models, Malibu sunglasses can be customized with your brand, message or taglines to give it a personal touch and attractive profile. The shapely plastic frames and the intricate metal details will make these light weight poly carbonate sunglasses a great choice in fashion circuits as well.

Mirrored Malibu sunglasses: See the envious glances of  your competitors reflect on these stylish sunglasses! The mirrored design will reduce glare and keep the eyes of your recipients relaxed during road trips and outdoor activities.

Custom Imprinted Rubberized Mirrored Malibu Sunglasses

Color changing sunglasses:  Both kids and kids at heart will love these sunglasses that change colors when exposed to sunlight. Your recipients will enjoy the dazzling show of colors while your brand will hog the spot light. Perfect win-win situation! These stylish sunglasses will make an interesting talking topic in the social circles of your recipients and will get your message across to a farther audience.

Promotional Color Changing Malibu Sunglasses

Foldable sunglasses: Check out these sunglasses that folds in half and fit nicely into pockets and purses. These UV 400 sunglasses will make a great choice all round the year. These can be used as sports day souvenirs, party favors, tradeshow handouts and more. Your recipients will love your brand on these stylish sunglasses more than ever.

Customized Malibu Foldable Sunglasses

Bottle Opener Malibu Sunglasses: We have one that has a bottle opener on the end of the frames! You would really love it. Every time they use it as a bottle opener or eye wear items, your brand will get extended exposure for a small price.Custom Imprinted Bottle Opener Malibu Sunglasses

Floating Malibu Sunglasses: These UV resistant sunglasses are great for any outdoor water activity like beach fun or pool parties because these will stay afloat without sinking in water when they indulge in pool party fun or swim in the sea! Your recipients will fall in love with these floating sunglasses like never before! Put your brand on!

Promotional Floating Malibu Sunglasses