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Glow In The Dark Sunglasses – The Party Accessories That Are Hard To Miss!

New Year eve parties, happy hours and bar crawling fun is at its peak! So, if you are in the restaurant, entertainment or food industry  and wish to make the most of the festive mood around, here is a custom gift that will never fail.  Custom imprinted glow in the dark sunglasses will make your logo the soul of the party.

Though wearing a pair of sunglasses at night can be considered as obnoxious, you can make it a fashion statement if you choose glow in the dark sunglasses. Great for enhancing the party mood and the beauty of snaps, glow in the dark is a fad among everyone and not just the youth.

Loads of fun and fashion, these sunglasses will look stunning with your brand and message on! A must have fashion accessory for the party revelers, these brilliant sunglasses will  set the party floors on fire and take the party fever to a high.

Attending a New Year’s Eve Party at the end of the year? There can’t be a better way to amp-up the party than these glow-in-the-dark imprinted glasses. Great for bars, concerts and party, these shades will make heads turn even when you walk around the city streets.

Planning a night wedding party that will be remembered for posterity? Look no further than these sunglasses that stay on top of the trends for a long time to come. It may be dark, but your message will get noticed. Your wedding guests will look stylish in these cool shades that are glowing brightly! It will make your wedding snaps dramatically beautiful as well.

A New Year costume party on cards will gel well with fancy dress or clubbing outfit for a super cool and blinding look.  Functional as well as fun, these Glow-In-The-Dark sunglasses will make a great talking topic too. At the bar, at a concert, a party or prowling the city streets, these glasses won’t go unnoticed.

Glow in the dark sunglasses are not just for parties and fun events but for some serious business promotions as well. Here are some all time favorites that will add a glow to your promotions.

Slotted LED Sunglasses: Custom Printed Slotted LED Sunglasses are good nightclub promotions and night parties. Anytime is party time when you have these brilliant shades on hand. Customize these sunglasses with your brand or event to make heads turn. Preloaded with 2 CR2032 batteries, these sunglasses are ready to use right away.
Slotted LED Sunglasses

Wacky Flash LED Jumbo Party Shade Eyeglasses: Big and bold, these sunglasses will take the partying fun to its top pitch. The glow of 10 LED lights to make the nighttime party great fun, your recipients can draw a lot of curious eyeballs towards them by simply pressing the button in the battery house located behind the ear.

Wacky Flash LED Jumbo Party Shade Eyeglasses

The fun never ends when you have glow sunglasses on hand. Make sure to browse our collection of LED sunglasses to add a glow to your message and make your brand a great hit!

Regardless of whether you’re the host or the guest of a party, express your affection and appreciation toward your extended family members with one of these thoughtful but accessible gifts.