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Custom Sunglasses That Your Recipients Will Love To Call Their Own!

Sunglasses are fashion must-haves for many. In the year 2018, the sunglasses market revenue in the U.S. amounted to approximately 4,660.62 million U.S. dollars. With a lot of trending models to choose from, sunglasses offer some incredible fashion appeal and unique style.


MVP Sport Sunglasses:  Get ready for some serious style in sunglasses with these shades that will stand out in sports fields and fashion walkways alike. These light weight plastic sunglasses available in two different color choices are truly worth showing off!

Imprinted MVP Sport Sunglasses

Tip: These can be matched with sports apparels, casual wear in understated shades or solid colors that will complement these shades without making it garish. You can even use it for 70s themed party or dinner events as well.

Pixel Glasses Assortment: Think beyond the plain and ordinary frame shapes like square or circle and go for something truly different. These pixel plastic sunglasses will create a jagged appearance that will look your party snaps one of its kind. Get all eyes on you by wearing these exceptional sunglasses that deserves special mention for its quirky design.

Pixel Glasses Assortment

Tip: Wear it with fun prints and stylish outfits to boost your personality and party profile.

Navigator sunglasses: Sunglasses styles change like quick sand. But one trend that never seems to go stale is the navigator sunglasses. These classic sunglasses with its iconic tear -drop shaped lenses and a range of frame designs and lens colors that will make your prospects fall in love with your message at first sight!

Navigator Sunglasses

Tip: Wear it with casual, simple outfits that will enhance the charismatic appeal of the sunglasses and make it stand out.

Round Frames

Add a nerdy twist to your appearance with these round sunglasses that will pack a curiosity to the dressing style. John Lennon sunglasses will be a great choice. Choose from a wide range of lens colors to match the mood or seasonal trends to round off a great fashion statement.

Tip: Exuding chic and casual vibes, round frame sunglasses will look good with plaid shirt, jeans and loafers. You will love the down-to-earth feel and experience.

Oversized Sunglasses

Bring back the retro trends of the 70s with a bang with these oversized frames. Light weight and comfortable to wear, these oversized frames will make you look good and feel great. It will protect the eyes from UV rays and dust and enhance your personality manifold.

Tip: These shades go well with a retro-inspired outfit or casual dressing style featuring cardigan, boots and pants.

Colored Lens Sunglasses

See the world through rose, yellow or blue colored sunglasses. With a lot of lens colors to choose from, you can choose to look at the world outside in your favorite color. Choose from a wide range of models like wayfarers and aviators among others.

Tip: Let the colored lenses be the main focus of the lenses without being drowned by the bold colors of your apparels. Dress in pastel shades that will highlight the sunglasses to cut a perfect balance.

Sometimes, you have to face the sun with a little sparkle. Several designers try to add bling in their upcoming collections. With this trend, oversize plastic or metal frames are adorned with everything from glitter to gems.

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