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Shield the Eyes but Expose Your Brand This Summer with UV 400 Sunglasses

You need sunglasses all round the year especially during summer when sun is out to stay protected from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. We have some interesting pairs of sunglasses that will ensure both protection and fashion alike. While the UV 400 lenses ensure sun protection and keep the eyes cool and relaxed the latest designs and colors will drive up its fashion credentials. The best part is that all these sunglasses offer the ultimate freedom for you to customize and leave your personal touch over it.

Custom sunglasses will make a smart handout to promote events, social causes or simply to stay connected with your audience. With countless models on offer, finding your favorite model is really a cakewalk. However, if you find it a bit overwhelming, here are a few models that would help you get started.

Retro sunglasses: Neon frames and dark UV400 protective lenses will ensure fashion and functionality in equal measures. Light weight frames and the vintage inspired design will make it a trending handout with a retro twist. Choose from a range of solid colors and see how these budget friendly sunglasses will easily make consistent impressions in the crowd.

Custom Imprinted Retro Sunglasses

Navigator sunglasses  are often feted as the must have accessories for the fashion savvy. The hall mark metal frames and oval shaped lenses are the best features of these glamorous sunglasses. These will turn anyone look like a Hollywood star in no time; needless to say, your message on them will get its fair share of attention as well. If you are looking for a smart pair of sunglasses that will stir up a lot of interest among the audience, look no further than these pedigree sunglasses that are made for the connoisseurs of fashion.

Snake Wrap Black Nylon Custom Sunglass

Oahu sunglasses: Sun protective sunglasses need not be plain or low key. Check out these fashionable Oahu sunglasses that make brilliant accessories for the outdoorsy people. The UV resistant features and the countless color choices will make these sunglasses a great choice to consider. Your recipients will surely be excited at the attention they get wherever they go, and your brand will be under spotlight as well. These are great choices to promote game days, concerts, tradeshows and more. Sunray Tortoise sunglasses are our personal favorites in this list.

Personalized Oahu Sunglasses w/ 24 Colors

Malibu sunglasses: The growing awareness of UV risks has made UV resistant sunglasses a rage. Constant exposure to UV rays can cause serious health conditions like cataract and skin cancer and by making these sunglasses your promotional gifts you can spread awareness about the importance of being UV safe as well. Offered in various interesting models like floating sunglassesand  gradient sunglasses, there are a lot to consider in this section.

Personalized Blues Brothers Kids Sunglasses

Let not outdoor thrill and excitement take your focus off the importance of protection from the sun.  Explore our vast collection of designer sunglasses today and choose the best.