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Stay In Trend With Custom Oahu Sunglasses


Sunglasses make great promotional items for marketers all round the year especially during summer campaigns and outdoor promotions. Budget friendly and always in trend, custom sunglasses are hard to resist for everyone. So, why not place your logo and message on these promotional items of custom Oahu sunglasses that are guaranteed a daily use. Exuding […]

Custom Oahu Sunglasses – The Ultimate Custom Gift For Summer Promotions


Spring and summer seasons are all about beach holidays, picnics and concerts. So, if you are planning to use these trendy custom sunglasses for your promotions, here is a quick guide. Why do people love this trendy sunglass so much? Choices galore Oahu sunglasses offer the choice of smaller lenses and smaller frames for people […]

Smart Tips To Wear Colored Sunglasses Without Being gaudy

Rumpled Abstract Colorful Green Customized Oahu Sunglasses

The classic choices in sunglass lenses are black, grey or brown, alright. But when you are in a party, you need a few strokes of brilliant colors to enhance your dressing style and the party mood in general. So designers have come up with trendy and flashy sunglasses with colored lenses that have become a […]

Everything you need to know about Metal and Plastic sunglasses

Custom Imprinted Navigator Sunglasses

Sunglasses as promotional gifts are quite popular because firstly everyone loves these trending freebies that will enhance their style and secondly sunglasses are something everyone uses all round the year. The promotional gift market is inundated with custom sunglasses of all possible types including the most popular models of metal and plastic sunglasses. Metal sunglasses […]

Custom Sunglasses For Outdoor Events And Festivals

Pro Navigator Style Custom Sunglasses

For most people the fun of outdoor concerts and music festivals is sporting the right look and trending accessories that will make them look good and feel great! Spring is the best season for marketers to hand out the best shades as custom sunglass­es make one of the popular gifts for any business. Fun sunglasses […]

What Makes White Sunglasses A Perfect Choice For Spring Promotions

Customized Foldable Blues Brothers Style Glasses - White

Spring season is in full bloom and along with it comes outdoor fun and leisure activities. So, can there be a more thoughtful gift than a pair of trendy custom sunglasses for your recipients. Let them celebrate the change in season and the outdoor fun on offer with these functional and fashionable eyewear items. Check […]

Pixel Sunglasses Make Fun Party Favors For Every Occasion

Customized Pixel Glasses Assortment

Custom Sunglasses are available in dime a dozen models , colors and themes for every occasion. So marketers trying to promote video game business, may find these uniquely shaped pixel sunglasses a great bet. Designed for hard core gaming enthusiasts, these sunglasses are modeled on an 8 bit pixel design, which makes it look like […]

How To Choose Party Sunglasses For All Ages

Tiger Eye Kids Yellow Customized Malibu Sunglasses

Party sunglasses make the life of party as everyone loves these trendy accessories. So, if you have been looking for party favors that guests of all age groups will find interesting, look no further than these party sunglasses. Hats and tacky trinkets do not amuse anyone these days. No matter whether your guests are sixteen […]

March Is Workplace Eye Wellness Month- Have You Ordered Custom Sunglasses for Your Promotions

Serengeti Medium Navigator Imprinted Sunglass

March is Workplace Eye Wellness Month, which means that it is the right time to spread awareness about eyehealth and handing out appropriate custom gifts for businesses in eye care industry. Ensuring eye health wellness in workplace is important considering the fact that employees spend long hours in front of the monitor, which could lead […]

How Custom Sunglasses Can Be Employed In Brand Promotions

Custom Imprinted Oahu Sunglasses - Metallic Gold

Sunglasses are fun and exude a casual vibe that can even transform a low key event to something great! Everybody loves freebies and when the gifts happen to be something stylish and practical like sunglasses the fun gets double and they will only be happy to endorse your brand with a big smile. Be it […]

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